My bordeaux Blake arrived!!! But I have a question.

  1. Is it normal for the leather to be a little smooshy in the front? I know it's supposed to be soft calf leather so maybe this is totally fine. For some reason I thought the leather would be pulled a little tighter in the front. Either way I still love the bag but thought I'd check with you guys - the MJ experts. This is my first MJ!!!!

  2. ^^ That is absolutely beautiful!!! Makes me want a Blake!!
  3. Yes, it is normal for the leather to be "smooshy". It will get even more so with use. Personally, I looooove this about the MJ leather!
  4. why is everyone torturing me with this bag!! hah one of these days...

    its absolutely beautiful. where'd you find yours? :smile:
  5. I purchased it through Shopbop. Saved me a little bit on tax and plus with my Lucky Rewards, I got 5% back. not the greatest deal but at least I saved a teeny bit! LOL I'm always looking for a deal but I was really stuck on this color. It's gorgeous. Even my husband who is so mortified at how much MJ's cost, thinks it's a gorgeous bag.
  6. ^ good to know. im going to order mine through Shopbop as well. did they ship yours in a MJ box or anything special?
  7. I am so jealous. It is beautiful!
  8. Oh I LOVE that!! #1 b/c it's Blake..#2 b/c of the color!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!! she's a beauty!!! Which reminds me I bought a black one w/ matching zc in the SPRING to wear in I guess it's time!!!! Enjoy!!!
  9. Beautiful! I love the color of your new blake. You got a pretty good deal considering most dept stores are probably sold out of this lovely color by now. I think when the bag is full with your belongings, the wrinkles will smooth out. My blake has some in the back but disappear when I have my stuff in the bag.

    And Emmy, you better get your blake out! You need to show your MJs some fall love. ;)
  10. Gorgeous bag and love the color. Great choice for your first purchase. Wear her well!
  11. Perfect time of the year to get this bag! I'm sure you will get a lot of use out of her this Fall/Winter. Congrats!!!
  12. :woohoo: Congrats!! I LOVE the Bordeaux Blake! It's such a beautiful color - I love red. :drool:
  13. My favorite color for the Blake - congrats, it's lovely!!
  14. What a pretty bag! I agree with everyone about the leather looking fine... after all, leather is a natural material and has variations!
    And can I copy what everyone else is saying, and repeat that the bordeaux is sooooo gorgeous!!!

  15. Yes, the Blake arrived in the dustbag, in a Marc Jacobs box an then the MJ box was inside another box. I have to say, this was the first time I ordered from Shopbop and they were great. They shipped out same day and it arrived super quickly.

    Needless to say, I was squealing like a little kid at Christmas. I love it!