My bordeaux B-bag is finally here!!

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  1. So I had a bad day today: :evil: first my computer crashed and I was on the phone w/ the internet cable company like forever; next my realtor called me and gave me the bad news about this house I was bidding on; then I got a parking ticket that I have to go contest for. :cry: Finally, I got home and started *****ing to my dad about my day when he interrupted me, "well, LOOK... at least your package arrived today!!" It's my bordeaux B-bag!!!! :nuts: Ahhhhhh... THAT definitely turned my frown to a huge happy giggly face.

    This bag is even more beautiful than I imagined. The leather is just so amazingly gorgeous... :love: Now I know why Balenciaga is so popular. Whoa... I'm even afraid to use it. Maybe I should frame it??!! :lol:




  2. Stunning bag!!!!
  3. i like the color.
  4. Whoa, it's GORGEOUS! :love: I really love the color. Wonderful choice, congrats! :nuts:
  5. Beautiful color!:love:
  6. very nice. where did u order this from again?
  7. i want it in the medium size
  8. I got it from this ebay seller that bought it from Aloha Rag because she included their packing slip. :lol: I actually save about $4 buying it off her.
  9. ah.. good deal!!! lol.
  10. I was just thinking of you! What a relief... I was all freaking out the past few days ever since you got your bag since our sellers mailed it out around the same time. :lol: Seller is really cool because she declared it as a "gift." Whew...
  11. I'm glad it arrived safely :biggrin: Now wear it tomorrow! :nuts:
  12. weeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! :nuts:

    its amazing! i'm so glad for you! ***HUGS***

    you've officially been b-ed! ;)

    i really like the colour!!! :biggrin:
  13. Thanks Helen!!! Now I'm officially in the B-bag club with you hot ladies!!! :lol:
  14. I am lusting after your bag! I saw a woman carrying the medium bordeaux b-bag at Neimans one day and couldn't get it out of my head for weeks. Now that I've seen your pics I'm going to have to hunt one down for myself...
  15. Lucky you!!! Congrats Irissy!!! After seeing your bag, I want one!!!:love: .