My boots are magic!

  1. Ok, so really, I got these because they were an amazing deal. Amazon had them for an incredible $40 (from $375) or so and with a 110% price match, they came out to be $12 shipped. They turned buttery soft and molded to my legs the first time I wore them. Anyway, I loved them because they were cute and comfy, but the piratey feel limited how I could wear them . . . . well, PROBLEM SOLVED!

    Turns out the cuffs flip up and turn into HOT knee highs! I don't know why it took me this long to figure this out . . . but I'm really glad I did. Makes me so happy and I'll be wearing them with EVERYTHING now. ::wlae::tup::nuts:
  2. Very cute! Does Amazon have any left?

  3. I think amazon still has them in beige, and black (brown sold out), but the price went back up to $197. They're by Modern Vintage and the style is Willy.