My Boots are Here Too

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  1. I felt the urge to :yahoo: :yahoo: :nuts: :yahoo: :wlae: !!

    My Edith Knee boots and my Buckled riding boots came in yesterday. I ordered both colors in the Edith (brown and ivory) and the cream colored riding boots. I love the leather, the fit ....everything about these boots. My DH isn't digging the riding boots too much, said something about the heel looks funny....hmmpf:shrugs: :sad: . I love all 3. I don't know which I am keeping now because I already have the Gucci montana which looks like the Buckled riding boot (sans the buckle), but it is the color of the brown Edith, and now I have 2 Creamy colored boots (Edith Knee and Buckled riding boot). I am insane aren't I?
    OMG....being a member to this forum is KILLING me. :rolleyes: I haven't done this much shopping in years. LOL. What would you ladies do??
  2. Yay! Congrats! So many boots! But who cares! :yahoo:Love the Chloe boots! Pics please!
  3. pquiles - this board really is an enabling device. I know I would not have bought half or even one third of the stuff I have lately. But who cares? Live it up with these beautiful accessories. I am in heaven each time I sport a Chloe whatever. I would definitely buy the boots if they had my size. Wear the things and gloat!
  4. OMG I bought the brown edith boots and haven't received them yet!!!Can't wait! are they gorgeous!!!I am contemplating the Ivory...should I get them too:nuts: I don't like a yellow undertone. r they closer to white??? I have the edith bowler and am hoping the brown boots are the same color. Should I buy the ivory too......?:nuts:
  5. BTW I noticed they have that pull thing in the back...can u put jeans over them without seeing a bulge?
  6. Wow! All of of them sound gorgeous to me!!!!!!!
  7. Lynnie, The ivory certainly stands out more. I tried it with a natural colored shirt dress and it popped. It has a slight yellow undertone, (doesn't look "white" which tends to look a bit outdated) which means you can blend it with all sorts of outfits. The tab in the back will show if you wear pants over it.
    I would get the ivory, try it on with and then make your decision.

    I attached a photo of a pair of Dolce and Gabbana boots I had. The brown Edith is the exact same color. I also have the Gucci Montana in the same color so I returned the Dolce's(they were also very hard to put on cuz they had no zippers).
    000_1366.JPG 000_1365.JPG
  8. Yea! I love Chloe boots! Congratulations!:yes:
    OT: Just wondering, pquiles ,how much longer will you be here in the states? Can you take all your wonderful new treasures with you when you head overseas? I hope so!
  9. Mlredo, unfortunately I can't. They'll be sitting in my closet waiting for me to come home. All the more motivation I have to focus and not get my butt blown up. I'm scheduled to leave in the fall for about a year.
  10. Congrats pquiles! Please post pics!
    I've been considering ordering the ivory ediths... and need to do so before they're gone!
    Can you tell me how the sizing is? I normally wear 38 in Chloe wedges and platforms. Do you think 38.5 will be too big for me? I can't find 38's.
  11. I normally wear an 38 - 9 in shoes and boots, depending on the style. I ordered 38.5, 39, and 39.5. The 39 Edith fits fine. I think a 38.5 will be fine for you. I am still waiting on the 38.5, but I think that it might be a snug fit, b/c the 39 is pretty comfy for me.
  12. .......congrats those boots sound simply wonderful, can you post pics please?
  13. Congrats! I just ordered the Edith boots in brown last week at the BG sale. I can't wait to get them. They look beautiful in the pic and the price was a steal!
  14. pquiles - yay for new boots!! I really love the buckled riding boots and got a pair from but they came to me all wrinkled and worn (size 38.5). You should definitely keep all three. The buckled riding boot is so Chloe and the Edith is just a classic shape!! Congratulations :yahoo:
  15. Butterfliie...what color did you get? Pquiles....should I get the riding boots or the edith in ivory? Which did you like best? I just bought the tracy medium bag in ivory, do you think they are the same color?