My boobs have gone missing!

  1. Before I got pregnant, I had pretty good size boobs. I'm 5"4 and weighed about 90 pounds before getting preggo. Everything I ate went to my boobs. I was a 34C/D. Now I weigh 100 pounds and my boobs are like a small B! What happened to them? I breastfed for 3 months and slowly stopped. The milk went away on its own. Whats the deal? Is that why I lost my boobs? Are they going to come back? Is this normal?

    Anybody else go through this after having a baby?
  2. I can pass you some of mine !!!! lol im a 36 full D going on double Ds .... b4 i got pregnant i was a C then after i was a full C/D i breast feed for 2weeks only i had to stop breastfeeding cuz i got an eye infection and i was taking some medicine that was not good for the baby after that i had no more milk ... and now im a 36 full D .... my back & shouldes freaking hurt all the time ..... i keep telling my SO i want to save $$ to have a breast deduction .... he say NO WAY !!!:tdown:
  3. ^^Ok! When I meet you this Sat, bring some sort of boobie transfer device!!!
  4. okidoki!!!! i was thinking more like having Dr. Troy operate on ME and you can have Sean!!! lol
  5. me! i'm now the same weight before and after having my children. however, before i had my children i was 32c and now i'm a small 32b:sad:. i breastfed my daughter for 18months and my son for 3months. apparently it's not so unusual problem, but if we'd like to go back to pre-pregnancy size then cosmetic surgery would be the answer.

    hope this helps...and also, congrats on your new baby:smile:
  6. maybe it's my imagination. I think my disappeared boobs are sort of coming back. sort of though.
  7. Totally NORMAL to lose volume in the boobs after a pregnancy. (it's pregnancy that causes breast tissue to "deflate", not breastfeeding) Before having kids, I was a round, small B....after 2 babies, now I'm an A and they look like deflated tube socks. Grrrr. For most women, the boobs don't come back. Not without surgical help!
  8. Darnit!! I guess I'll have to get a boob job then...cause I cant stand them this way! I feel like im 13 again waiting for them to grow!!
  9. i've always thought size will increase even after breastfeeding stop lol. thanks for raising this thread :yes: and now i'm more aware of the possibilities!
  10. Omg! I was laughing when I read this because,

    After my 3rd boy was born, and my boobs calmed down, I went to Victoria Secrets to get measured for new bras because I noticed that my 36B cups were huge on me. So I went with DH and the kids, (they waited outside), and the girl measured me in the middle of the store and said "Okay, well, you are a 32A!!!!!!!!!!! OMG~I was mortified!!! I just said, "okay, thanks!" And walked out with tears in my eyes! I started crying when I got out of the store, and DH said, "What is the matter," I said, "nothing", he said" were they mean to you?" I said, "No", then I started really crying and said

    "I have the boobs of a Tweenager!"

    DH started laughing, and he said "well how much do boobies cost"? I said, "I don't know, I have not checked lately". He said we will look when we get home. Well, we started looking, and I said I wanted to wait until my youngest was out of the holding stage (because when you get them done, you can't lift things for a few weeks). He said okay~let me know when you're ready.

    Low and Behold...........I found out I was Pregnant with #4 only a short few weeks later.......*sniff*sniff*

    I will still get them. But it will be after this kid comes, and out of the holding stage for the most part.....*sigh*

    Sorry this was so long, but I thought it would make you laugh/feel better!
  11. Usually the boobies go back to the pre-preg size in about a year.
  13. *********************************************
    "Usually" is the key word. It did not for me unfortunately.
  14. I would have cried too. I wont go get sized because of what they will say! When I was pregnant and got sized they said I was a 32D...but they dont carry that size. I never expected them to shrink like this!!
  15. have you read my posts at the 'boob job' thread??!! LOL

    Um yeah, I can so relate! LOL! ;)