My boobs are out of control!!!!

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  1. So here is the story.....
    I started praying for boobs when I was about 7, I just knew when I started my period my chest would blossom....WRONG!!! When I started birth control I just knew that my AA chest would grow to a B (b/c ALL my friends had boobs that were on the pill)....WRONG!!! When I was 21 I was sick of being flat, I wanted boobs, damnit! So, I got implants, nothing too big, just a nice C cup, I have been in love with my perfect breasts ever since then, until......I got pregnant, they started out big, then bigger, now they are crazy!!!!! I got fitted for a new bra, and I am now a DDD!!!!!!! I am a small person to begin with, I have been told I look like a pregnant Dolly Parton. I am 27 weeks pg, will they keep getting bigger throughout my pregnancy, or does it slow down? And, I am planning on breast feeding once my son gets here.

    This is what I get for praying for boobs....
  2. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but...................they most likely wont stop growing until after your millk comes in. They may stop for now (depending on your weight gain of course) but once your milk comes in? Hello playboy! lol
    This happened to me....I started out a 36DDD. STARTED OUT (beginning of pregnancy)!! Lets just say I looked like a freakshow when my milk came in. I ended up having a breast reduction when my son was about 1 1/2 years old (he's 6 now) and they looked muuuuuch better. My cup runneth waaaay over before that surgery. Now my only concern is whether or not I can breastfeed due to that surgery but time will tell. They have gotten a bit bigger due to this pregnancy--started out a small C and now a solid D cup--but nothing I can't deal with. I just hope they go back to prepregnancy size after I have her. Dont worry sweetie, I have plenty of friends who's boobs went back to their normal size (or smaller in some cases!) after kids.:tup:
  3. Awww, geez. Guess this is what I have to look forward to! I always prayed for boobs too. Finally, when I was 28, I went out and bought the damn things! I'm a nice full D. Today (7 wks PG), I literally felt like my right one was going to fall off! It felt like I had weights hanging from my nipple! I haven't noticed any size increase yet, but man are they sore sometimes! So, yeah, I guess I'll be right there with ya in the Dolly Parton club!
  4. I remember my boobs feeling like they were gonna fall off when I took my bra off!!! In the beginning of pregnancy, it hurts like hell (for me at least) but it does get better....:sweatdrop:. congrats on your pregnancy!!
  5. Ah boobies... Well, I NEVER wanted boobs because I saw how big my mom and grandma were. I was the one NOT chanting "I want to increase my bust" at sleepovers.

    But, despite being a late bloomer, I went from AA to C to DD in a year. I was probably bigger than a DD, but that's all you can buy in stores. Got fitted when I was nursing and I am a G (DD is E, DDD is F and so DDDD is G. I am inbetween G and H). AND... I haven't been nursing for over a year and I'm still a G/H.

    Good news is that I'm built big, so while everyone can see I'm chesty, it's not SOOOO out of proportion. And boobs do grow with age. My MIL was FLAT and now since she was 55 or 60 she's gone up to a C and she's not overweight either.
  6. Yes, this ultra sensitivity will go away after first trimester. They are just getting ready for milk production. I started leaking colostrum at 13 weeks both times.
  7. ^ Yeah, I noticed my boobs have been leaking. Is the thick white stuff colostrum?
  8. ^ Yup! And totally normal. Sometimes they say it can be a yellowish color as well, also normal. I haven't leaked any colostrom yet and I'm 34 weeks. I don't think I did with DS either.....
  9. Ewwwwwww! The things they don't tell you BEFORE you get pregnant! Guess I'll know what it is if it happens though!
  10. Oh dear, i just hope everything gets back to eventually will shrink so just enjoy the size now (that's if you can bear thinking you look like a preg. Dolly) and everything will be alright.
  11. what i hated was when i decided to wean my oldest, he was 10 mths old. my boobs went from a nice full c/d to what looked like socks with rocks in the end of them...LOL. when i put some weight back on they filled back up. but that was really depressing!!
  12. :roflmfao: Socks with rocks in the end of them? I totally got a visual! LOL
  13. I hope I get to keep my boobies...LOL! I started out as an A-cup and now at 33 weeks am a full B...hopefully it stays that way!
  14. I feel for you!!! I went from a pre pregnancy size of a 36C and I'm now a 38DDD :shocked: I'm a size 6 with these HUUUUUGE boobs, and I think I look ridiculous sometimes, but my SO likes it. LOL.
    They may or may not go down, it depends on your body. Good luck!
  15. I am 38, have had three children, and I NEVER was blessed with boobage. It is so unfair. I was sure that at least when I was pregnant that I would grow. Nope. Then I pinned my hopes on when my milk came in. Nope, not really. All told, I never outgrew a C cup, and I was a generous B before I became pregnant. Never did I get "stripper boobs" that everyone warned me about. *sigh* But I guess it is never perfect either way. I guess things could be worse than a 34C, though I have a feeling that when I lose weight (I've lost 15 lb so far) I will be more of a 32B.

    Anyway, typically for people who experience a lot of growth, it doesn't end until your milk comes in, and at that point you could be dealing with Dolly Parton boobs made of granite (or at least they could feel that way)! I hope they at least slow down for you for a while!