My Boobies are here! My Boobies are here!

  1. Megs and I welcomed our baby boy earlier this month and wanted to share the news with the TPF community. Come say hello to Baby Vaughn!
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  1. My 3 Boobies from LVR came today! They are the cutest things! I got a blue (not Ink, more like a Navy Blue), a Gray one (which my daughter took) and an Ivory. I did order white but they sent me Ivory instead. I must say the leather on the Ivory is really thick. I would LOVE to get a bag with leather like this! I am really impressed with the way it was all wrapped up pretty by LVR.....anyone else order Boobies? :yahoo:
  2. Yayyyyy! how can we see some photos please? ideally filled with household objects with dirty implications :drool:
  3. Wow, glad to hear that your boobies are lookin' good!
  4. No boobies for me! But CONGRATS!!!
  5. So now you have 5 boobies . . . count 'em:cutesy:
    Pics please, I mean of the balenciagas.

    Was ordering from LVR worth the hassle? Well, now that you have them, probably. Did you pay duty?
  6. OH, no you mean you had lost them for a while? :nuts: hahaha....
    Congrats and enjoy all five of them.:lol:
  7. i wanna see pictures of your booobies.... *LOL... laughing .... yes yes...*
  8. LOL, flash your boobies! And when I mean flash them, I mean take pics of them! Enjoy! :lol:
  9. happy for u that u finally received them! yes, LVR does package em really nice! I don't own a boobie and didn't know what they were til these past couple of weeks, but they are sooooo adorable! hope to get one someday...! Enjoy! and ur daughter is so lucky u let her have one. :flowers: :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:
  10. No I didnt pay duty, BUT there was a sticker on the box that said it passed thru customs and I may still get a bill for duty fees later. I've never paid duty fees for anything I've ordered overseas, so that will be interesting if I get billed.:wtf:

  11. whats mine is hers, and whats hers is, well, hers too. I havent even seen the gray one yet. I made her open the box when she called to say it arrived...thats my girl.:love:
  12. :lol: heheh boobies hehehe
  13. you'll get a bill from fedex.
  14. I think boobies are adorable! If I could figure out a legitimate reason to order one, I probably would. Please post pics! :balloon:
  15. same thing here,

    congrats they really are very cute!
    (I really love the relationship you have with your daughter, I have two grrrh, that will ge expensive in the future)