My Bolide was heatstamped!!

  1. Per CB's request, here she is - my 27cm turquoise chevre Bolide, newly heatstamped. I'm so happy I had this done - I adore this bag!! :yahoo:
    Bolideheatstamp.jpg Bolideheatstamp2.jpg
  2. :yahoo: :yahoo: bolide-mania!!!

    looks terrific!
    how long did it take?
  3. Hey, I really, really like that!!!! It looks GREAT!!!!!!
  4. Oh my...sign me up!!!!
  5. Thanks so much, HiHeels, ShopMom and Pepper! I love it too, but it took forever. I swear it took six to eight weeks (seemed like an eternity). But, it was sooooo worth the wait! :yes:
  6. :wtf: :wtf: holy H. that is ... that is a long long time. that's crazy. did it have to be shipped somewhere?

    looks terrific though.
  7. Looks fantastic NS!
  8. looks very classy!!
  9. HH, I should have taken it to NYC to be heatstamped, but I took it to my fave, but very tiny, H store (where I bought the Bolide). They had to send it out for heatstamping.

    Thanks Orchids and Diana!
  10. looks amazing. How great...a personalized Hermes bag!!!! I love the bolide!!! This color is TDF. OK I am totally :drool: over your closet!!!!!!
  11. Looks great, Sue....

    Well worth the wait:yes:
  12. I am calling the Madison Ave. store tomorrow!!
  13. Love it!.... and your closet.
  14. The heat stamp looks amazing and the color of your Bolide is TDF:love:
  15. That looks great! I love monograms