My Bolide Reveal - And looking for suggestions!

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  1. I scored a lovely Bolide on eBay this week - a box leather and canvas beauty. :yahoo:

    Now, I need suggestions for pochettes or twillys that would go with this color combo. The canvas is a little more olive than the photos suggest. Any ideas?


  2. congrats on your bolide!:drinkup:
  3. Oh Sue she is BEAUTIFUL!!! I am afraid I have no suggestions at the moment but I just had to comment on your bag. I love the practicality and quiet sophistication of them and yours is wonderful.

    I am sure Mai Tai might have a suggestion ...

  4. Congrats on a great Bolide!
  5. Will the Olive Medor Twilly match? Or maybe the Rust looking Tohu Bohu Twilly?

    Love your Bolide by the way. I am a fan of this color combination, and it's the colors of my Sorrority as well.

  6. Gorgeous Bolide! Congrats! When I saw it I thought of a pochette I have from a while back...or for a full sized scarf - Cavalcadour.

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  7. congrats to you :smile: Bolide is one of my wish-list for H too.
  8. Gorgeous Bolide! :heart: Many congrats! Use that beauty in the best of health! :smile:
  9. Congrats on a fantastic Bolide!!
  10. Beautiful~ How about Coupon Indiens scarf for your new beauty??
  11. Oh I love this color combo especially if a bit more "kahki/olive". Fantastic. wear in the best of health and happiness

    How about a moussi, legende du monghole? or one of the new s/s'09 purple de vents ? sorry no pouchette or twilly ideas but I do like a moussie with it.
  12. I Love this bag !!! Congrats !!!:heart::heart::heart:
  13. I would go with anything that does not match/is outstanding... not from any earth tones (red/brown/yellow/orange/pink) group but elsewhere.

    Gorgeous bag btw! Enjoy :nuts:
  14. Sue, I love your new Bolide! Congrats! I think you'll find lots of lovely things to go with your newbie. Wear it in wonderful health!



  15. Is it rouge H like I originally thought? As the owner of a few red bags, I would suggest a twilly or pochette where red is in the mix. It actually will look better if the color pops out as opposed to a pochette where the red is the border or background color. Very hard matching the silk reds to the leather reds in my experience.

    Forgot to say how stunning it is! A real head turner!