My Body Shop Obsession

  1. Hi all, I'm here to confess my most recent obsession and to see if there's anyone else out there sadly obsessed like myself. My new love is The Body Shop, I just can't get enough. I remember going there back in high school and never quite having enough cash to get the new, trendy lip balm etc. Alas, I never could afford to indulge. But I've made up for it now and then some! I'm happy that the company takes such a firm stance on fair trade and animal testing, but I'm even happier with the products. Everything I own has a very true to life scent without that perfumey/chemically odor (my main gripe with B&BW). So far I've accumulated:

    Shower Gel/Body Butter/Scrub/Lip Butter - Passion Fruit
    Shower Gel/Body Butter/Scrub/Soap - Strawberry
    Shower Gel/Body Butter/Soap/Lip Balm - Satsuma
    Shower Gel/Body Butter - Peach

    And this weekend in Chicago I got...

    Shower Gel/Body Butter/Scrub - Grapefruit!

    I can't get enough of the new grapefruit scent, it's perfectly sour and citrusy. The salesgal tried to talk me into the lip butter too and I almost bit but I've got soo many other balms already.

    I don't know that I'll ever be able to use up all of these bath products, but I'm having fun trying! I love going to my bathroom closet every day and picking out a scent. Anyway, compared to the cost of a purse, this is a very affordable indulgence, so maybe I should be applauding myself on my newfound thrift!

    What are your favorite Body Shop products? Anything I need to try?
  2. body butters and the perfumes. they had a moonflower one and a tobacco cologne that smelled awesome.
  3. the body shop has got some of the finest things that i like! i like their body butters
  4. i love their shower gels like the passion fruit one. makes me want to gulp down the whole bottle....
  5. I have been addicted to their Body Butter in Nut since I was 16. I am now 1 week shy of 27. All my friends used to tease me when they heard the same. They thought it sounded kinky. Once they tried it, I got all of THEM hooked as well. It is seriously the best.
  6. I like the body shop. I wasn't used to it when we moved here. We have bath and body in the states. But, I got tons of things from there and wanna try the new stuff!
  7. I used to shop there in high school (there was a Body Shop at a mall near my house, but it later moved) I remember being hooked on one of their perfumes, but I threw away the empty bottle so I don't know what it was called. I haven't been able to find it there since, though. The only Body Shop product I still buy is their lip scruff lip scrub. It leaves my lips soft and yummy. I also have about half a dozen eyeshadows from one of the few times I've been in there in the past few years. I quite like them, but for some reason Body Shop just isn't my first choice when purchasing make up/beauty products. I remember loving their lip gloss jars as a kid, though.
  8. Before, I was addicted to Body Shop! I think 2-3 years ago.. We usually have Body Shop Sale here in HK once a year. Lipsticks are usually $20 HKD only! (divide it by 7.8 to get the USD) Great Deal!
  9. Mango Body Butter!! Also a fan of all the Coconut body stuff!
  10. I love their products!
  11. Anything in Satsuma is my addiction! I especially love the glycerine soaps in the summer after laying out by the pool!
  12. I am a regular customer, anything my body needs deserves "The Body Shop" !! I like to get it in UK, cheaper and Heathrow airport. I also jump on their sales !
    sooo what I use.....
    -Body Butter Nut. Yes it smells yummy, it´s great for my dry skin, the smell stays after application and it lasts a long time -I just don´t like putting my hands in the container, and when it gets under my nails:sick: -
    -body brush
    -scrubbing gloves
    -almond body scrub....great smell, very efficient when used with the gloves.
    -lemongrass desodorizing foot polish (got it 70%off), great for the summer, to make your feet beautiful for flip flops !
    -strawberry body polish (50% off)
    -Coconut bath and shower gel, and it´s island paradise in the bathroom !
    -Vanilla eau de toilette
    -Shimmer sun gel, for a glow to go out !

    They are also great for gift boxes.

    I like their ethics, but I also know that they have been bought by LOreal and use lots of chemicals in their products, but their scents are so nice, not as "artificial and fake" as in other brands.
  13. i love the body shop. my favorites are their body butters and home fragrance oils.
  14. I love their stuff! I use their facecare products and they are great. Their body butters last all day (and into the next), and everything is just so yummy. They make some of the only bar soaps I'll use. The only thing I have that didn't impress me is their lip butters... they feel too much like lotion to me, so I only use them occasionally.
  15. Their body butter is incredible! You stay moisturized all day long - I'm in love with the holiday scent Cranberry!