My BO with paisley leather

  1. Hi,
    Do you like my Bottega Veneta made with rilief paisley leather ?
    I love it!!:yahoo:
    bo.JPG bo1.JPG
  2. Wow!

    Is that a new design? I've never seen that before. Do you know which collection it's from?
  3. I believe I've seen that , only in photos, not IRL. It's stunning!! The craftsmen must do the paisley curving details after the weaving--how time-consuming it must be. It's like a work of art!:love:

    simofirst--I see that you are in Milano. Please tell us more about where you found this bag, when you acquired it, etc. Is there a huge BV store in Milano? I'd love to go there to shop--the last time I was there, I wasn't interested in designer bags yet! (I know--impossible to believe!)
  4. Dear friends,
    I bought this bag one month ago but not in Milan but in Florence. There is a wondeful outlet , it is realized with many monogriffe boutiques , here there is a Bottega Veneta boutique.
    There is the pdf attachment that I find in web for you.
    In Milan there is a Bottega Veneta flagship store in via Montenapoleone 5 and there is a selection of each season in 10 Corso Como.
    I really don't know which season collection is my bag but I think that BV bags are a classic chic bags for all the life so if it is not the ultimate collection it's not important for me..:yes:
    I love the craftman art and I read that each BV is made by two artisan and both work at the same time to realize the bag.
    If you need more information about Milan or it brand store ask me!!!
    I love this forum:heart: !!

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  5. i love your bag. i wish i were in italy.
  6. Wonderful bag, it has such a pretty design!
  7. Yes!! It's gorgeous!
  8. Lovely.
  9. simofirst--Thank you for telling us more about your bag. That shopping mall makes me want to go there now! So many top designers in one place.

    Your bag is lovely and special.

    The cat in your avatar is beautiful!
  10. Wow that is truly gorgeous.
  11. I love all the details~~ the bag looks like a piece of art! :p
  12. ^^^Yes, what an exquisite work of art!:nuts:
  13. Thank you for your lovely congrats. for my bag.When I will go to The BV outlet I'll upgrade to what I find more............
  14. Thank you boxermom!
    my cat ( Pilou) and me are very very proud for your sweet complimets!:love:
  15. Love it! Very elegant