My Blush Stam Is Here!!!

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  1. I got my blush stam from eluxury and just had to share. I love love love it. It's so versatile. I can't decide how to carry it. What do you ladies think is the best way to carry the bag? Attached are pics of me and my stam. Stam looks a little flat since I don't have anything in it, but it sure fits tons. Fits all my work files, media tapes, water bottle, and much more.
  2. wow it looks really great on u! i never really liked the stam before. it makes a very ladylike bag.
  3. I love love the colour! I have the black which I adore but yours is TDF too!! Congrats!
  4. I love that bag on you;it's beautiful!!

    I like it best carried in the crook of your arm and on your shoulder by the handles. (You lucky girl to be able to do the latter!!!).

    It doesn't look good carried by the chain...

  5. It's very pretty on you. Congrats on your new bag!
  6. I like it carried all of the various ways. I have this bag in blush too and I absolutely love it. I think it looks best not stuffed too full - gives it more of a slouchy/interesting shape - initially I didn't like the stam - then I took out the massive amount of paper it was stuffed with at the store and....VOILA.....instant love!
  7. I love how you carried the bag on the two pics on the left.

    By the handle attached to the bag, in the crook of ur arm with the chain shoulder strap hanging.
  8. Beautiful! Congrats!
  9. *drool*

    What a beautiful bag! I, too, never really "got" the Stam thing, but that color totally makes the bag!

  10. wow! congrats on the new Stam!!! it looks great on you!
  11. Such a feminine it!
  12. You look so classy with your Stam! I like it on your arm the best!
  13. You have totally changed my mind about the STAM. Now,i want one!! I love the lady look, rockstar edge the bag has to it. I also like all four ways to carry the bag. Is the bag a bit on the heavy side empty???
  14. I think I need one of those!!
  15. Congrats. Blush Stam is beautiful!!!!! Blush adds an extra feminine touch to Stam. You look so great with it. =) I like Stam with the handles in your arms the most, followed by handles on the shoulder, then chain on the shoulder.

    I tried on this season's black Stam, the chain seems long so it doesn't look very nice on the shoulder. Maybe it's just my frame.