My Blush Caviar Classic Flap .. *lots of pix*

  1. :yahoo:oooh am speechless .. my heart beats so fast:yahoo:

    am soo HAPPY .. am soo in LOVE :heart: :heart:

    chanelle 1.jpg chanelle 2.jpg chanelle 3.jpg chanelle 5.jpg chanelle 6.jpg

  2. more pix :yahoo:
    chanelle 7.jpg chanelle 8.jpg chanelle 9.jpg chanelle 10.jpg chanelle 11.jpg
  3. Woah!!!!

    Omg..i Want This!!lol!
  4. it's gorgeous!!!!!
  5. last sets :heart: :wlae:
    chanelle 12.jpg chanelle 13.jpg chanelle 14.jpg chanelle 15.jpg
  6. Wowww, congrats, it's gorgeous!!! :nuts:
  7. Stunning!
  8. Very pretty!! I'm sure you'll get a ton of use out of this color, it's so versatile! :smile:

  9. incredibly beautiful!:drool: :love: wear her in good health!
  10. Thank youuuu .. :heart:
    am not sure if i will use it or just sleeping with her side by side :tender:
  11. Ooh I love your classic!! So gorgeous! ;)

    I hope you wear it today!!
  12. Beautiful!! When did this color come out? I have this color in patent but I didnt know it came in Caviar! Details!!!!
  13. I absolutely LOVE it!!!
  14. Thanks for all your sweet comments :heart:

    Selena: i think this is also from ss07 collection but in my boutique they don't have the patent only caviar and lambskin .. price: approx. $ 1910 :smile:
  15. so cute, love it