My Blush and Chalk stams arrived

  1. Sorry ! no selling allowed on the PF
  2. I like the Blush better, think it would be more versatile. But both are gorgeous!
  3. Hoo boy, that's a toughie!

    They're both amazing (are you sure you can't keep em both?), but I'd lean towards the blush, since it's a harder color to get.

    Let us know which one you decide on!
  4. I would go for the blush, it is such a pretty color.Love your pics!
  5. no i could keep both but i know myself and its best to not get more than one of each bag style unless I have used that bag loads and love it so much (i tend to go thru bags quickly and resell them later at some point)

    i love the blush too =)
  6. I like them both - I think the blush a tiny bit more. They are both amazing.
  7. Blush! Definitely!!
  8. I like the blush more. It's a beauty!
  9. I like the Blush.
  10. Blush... for sure!
  11. I love both!

    no buying/selling/trading on tPF.
  12. i LOVE the blush, though both are pretty!
  13. Wow - those are fab! I prefer the blush too, but then I'm not really a fan of any bags in ivory/white.
  14. sorry i didnt mean for this to be a selling post--i decided to go with the blush but i knew others were looking for a patent stam so i was just going to offer it to someone =X sorry again!!
  15. Calisnoopy, you look great with both Stams, I would choose Blush as well. =) You are so lucky to be able to find both at the same time. =) Blush Stam with parfum, sweet!!! =)

    If I remember correctly, Blush was always your 1st choice (followed by Chalk). Glad that you hold out for it instead of settling it for other colors. It's funny how you were able to find the 3rd choice first, 2nd choice next, and finally 1st choice. =)

    Congrats!!!! =)
    If you don't mind me asking, how's the condition of Eluxury's Blush Stam? I always wonder whether the 'popped up every now and then' Blush Stam is brand new or returned item. =)