My Bluefly report...

  1. So I was super excited at the prospect of purchasing authentic Hermes on Bluefly and even MORE excited when they sent me a 15% off coupon recently.

    I ordered a pair of H boots - the brown suede "lietenant" boots

    Authentic Hermes for a total of 25%? Too cool, I thought.

    Well, they finally arrived today. And I'm disappointed :crybaby:

    They didn't arrive in an Hermes box but did have two dustcovers - one for each boot.

    They may be authentic - but I don't know - the bottoms are unlike my other H boots or shoes. The suede is not the best quality...I checked everywhere for the familiar little HERMES on the hardware...I looked at the stitching and, um, it looks - well, cheap. Interior lambskin feels like pleather (gag) - it's shiney and smells plastic-y. Glued at the soles, machine stitched on the uppers. And they arrived without any of the usual H paperwork or tags....weird.

    I'm thinking that I'm going to return them as I'm not overly thrilled with how they fit, but am not sure that I'd purchase any other H footware from them, as they didn't disclose the missing box and other items that you'd get from the H store.

    Are they worth the 25% off? Possibly, if they are the real deal. But if I'm going to spend more than $1000 bucks on a pair of boots, I'd still like to feel like I received an authentic H product. And these don't feel real, dammit!

    I'm attaching some pics - decide for yourself.

    Am I turning into a snob? Paranoid about fake stuff? Who knows...just thought I'd share my experience with you all.

    ebay 056.jpg ebay 063.jpg ebay 057.jpg ebay 060.jpg
  2. can you take a picture of the bottom of the boot? and the logo inside? just curious.........
  3. Lisa-

    Thus far I've had a positive experience (although one scarf I ordered didn't come in a box) but maybe the key to Bluefly (if one is going to order from them at all- and I understand and respect that some people refuse to) is to only order things you are very familiar with so that you can tell right away whether they are the real deal or not. If you're not familiar with what the item is supposed to look like based on prior experience then I would imagine it would become enormously frustrating/worrying when you receive it. One good thing about Bluefly is that unlike with most E-bay sellers you can return everything- a hassle to be sure but at least it reduces the financial risk.

    I have a bag and a pair of gloves on the way from Bluefly and will only keep them if I am absolutely convinced of their quality and authenticity. Otherwise, back they go.
  4. Here's the bottom - it's tough to get a shot inside the boot but I do see a logo down there!

    ebay 059.jpg
  5. Here's a shot comparing the bottoms of my croc shoes to the new boots.

    The boots logo is more deeply engraved and a little larger than what's on my croc shoes. I'm a lousy photographer though, but this gives you a sense of what I'm talking about

  6. From the picture of the logo and the name Hermès, is that an "é" instead of "è"?

    If you are not completely happy with the boots, I suggest that you return them. 25% is not a bargain if you're not satisfied.
  7. very good eye LaVan..
  8. I would caution you to be really careful about Bluefly. If you do a search, you will see that numerous PFers have had quality and authenticity issues when purchasing Balenciaga, Gucci, and other bags from Bluefly.
  9. for $ 1,000 - it's still not a bargain, IMO. if you're having issues with authenticity, i'd return it for piece of mind.
  10. Good eyes, indeed!

    Yes, the boots are already packed up and ready to head back from whence they came. Like I mentioned earlier, I'm not happy with their fit anyway but I have to admit that I was also a bit unraveled about the actual product and how different it felt compared to my other H-store purchased items.

  11. Glad I'm able to help.

    Bye, bye boots!
  12. the one and only time i ordered from bluefly, the sandals that i received were 2 different sizes. they were stamped with the same size, but side by side, totally different. quality control... oh well
  13. Ugh another incident to doubt bluefly!
  14. Update!

    I sent an email to Hermes asking about Bluefly and this was their response:


    Thank you for visiting

    The only authorized retailer of Hermes products on the world wide web is our own website, The site you are referring to does not have our permission to sell our products. As such, we cannot verify the authenticity of any item they may be offering.

    Again, thank you for your interest in Hermès.
    We look forward to your next visit with us.

    Sara Gergovich

    So it appears that anything Bluefly has listed can't be authenticated unless you're willing to send it in for cleaning (which, of course, means that your window for refund will close long before they'll have a chance to authenticate).

    Thought this was interesting...
  15. >>So it appears that anything Bluefly has listed can't be authenticated unless you're willing to send it in for cleaning (which, of course, means that your window for refund will close long before they'll have a chance to authenticate).

    Thought this was interesting...

    Lisa- Thanks for the information. Very good to know. I thought Bluefly offered a 90 day return policy. Wouldn't that leave enough time to have the item cleaned, and thereby authenticated?