My BLUEBERRY spy is finally here!!

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  1. Hi all,

    As i promised here are some pics of my beautiful BLUEBERRY spy.

    I was lucky enough to purchase this bag off a wonderful lady who is also a PF member!! :yahoo:

    She sent the bag by super fast delivery.... only to be held in Australian customs!!

    Pages and pages of paper work, 2 weeks and $375.00 later customs releasedmy bag and i recieved it today.

    It is soooooo incredibly stunning. i love the way it almost seems to change colour in differant light!!

    Oh and i also added in a photo of my new little puppy.... i get her in three and a half weeks now! cant wait, she is the chocolate one on the right. Her name is coco chanel.:heart: She is a 2nd generation english spoodle.

    Thanks guys:p
    100_2891.JPG 100_2892.JPG 100_2893.JPG 100_2894.JPG coco with sisters.jpg
  2. Congrats on the absolutely gorgeous Spy!

    And the adorable pup!
  3. Oh the puppies are so beautiful, do you have a name yet?

    The spy is stunning also, love this colour big congrats
  4. The puppies name will be Coco, short for chocolate and coco chanel!! hehe:heart:
  5. I love this color
  6. Congrats on your beautiful new spy ... love this color! Your lil' puppy is sooo adorable ... I think I'm in love!:girlsigh:
  7. Gorgeous Spy! Congrats.
    Your puppy is so adorable. =)
  8. Congrats fendifan!!! I LOVE YOUR BLUEBERRY!!!!!!

    Tell me about customs... It can take ages for stuff to come through. I just got a bag from the sates today and it was posted 10 days ago which was super quick! The seller had labelled it as a "gift" and as a "used handbag" so it got through quick.

    I absolutely love your blueberry.... You're so lucky!! I would love to get one but I just don't have the connections (or the $ at the moment). And with the only Fendi in Aust being in Sydney, makes it even harder! Though rumour has it that one may be opening in Melbourne!!!! :party:

    (PS: thanks Litigatrix for giving me some feedback on annsfabfinds, I love my new bag!!!)
  9. Gorgeous Spy! Congrats!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your puppy!! Soooo cute!!!:love::love::love:
  10. I'm drooling both over the spy and your pup
  11. Lovely spy and adorable puppy, congrats!
  12. Lovely, and adorable puppy!
  13. Can't decide whats cuter, the blueberry or the puppy! Congrats :yahoo:
  14. Congratulations times two! Gorgeous bag, and truly precious puppy. I'm envious!:smile:
  15. I am very happy for you. Four boys and three puppies, life must be hectic at home.