my Blueberry City turned into a Black City

  1. Last week I got a Blueberry City and decided I might like a Black City more. I know you all might be sick of pictures of the Black City since it's so basic. But I couldn't help but want to share it with you because Joseph did an amazing job picking it out for me! I think it was part of the large shipment of 40 boxes so this is definitely a F/W 06 bag.

    There are no white veins at all and the leather is so thick and almost matte! It looks shiny in the pictures but it's definitely more matte in real life. I'm so excited because this gives me hope for the leathers of the future seasons. :yes:
    blackcity1.jpg blackcity2.jpg
  2. Edna, that city is gorgeous :heart: . Joseph is the best!!! He found me a perfect black city as well. Our bags look like twins - matte and thick leather :love:

    Blueberry is a great color but not as perfect as your black city.
  3. Edna- Oh no, are you thinking about exchanging it with Balck City? This is such a gorgeous color specially if the leather is amazing. I have been debating between the Twiggy and the City size since i have a Black City already. Good luck! it is gorgeous.:drool:
  4. Isn't Joseph the BEST?? He picked out a perfect rouge vif City for me. Congrats on your new black City!
  5. I NEVER get tired of seeing a black City! Congrats, it's a beauty!
  6. Hip hip hurray for Josef! He seems to be such a wonderful person, if I ever go to Bal NY during a trip, I will ask for him.
    I just bought a black city too, a few weeks ago and it is a beautiful one, but I must admit yours is even better. Glad for you.
  7. When I first read the title, I thought it had something to do with the color turning or your bag getting really dirty of some sort! :sweatdrop:

    Thank goodness it's just an exchange - the black leather is TDF!
  8. The black City I bought at Barneys is like yours Matte and smooth and squishy..I just love it!
  9. That's the best bag Edna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUMMY & PERFECT leather!!!!!! Congrats!
  10. wow- i need to add a black city to my collection.
  11. Congrats! your bag looks beautiful!!!:yahoo:
  12. Congrats, it looks gorgeous!
  13. Congratulations, the leather is TDF!

    P.S. I love the titles of this made me laugh!
  14. Congratulations!!!

    The Black City is one of those classic bags we won't ever get sick of! I love it!!!
  15. Do you know if BalNY has the black in a purse style? Did you see yours before you bought it or rely on Joseph? Did you pay shipping and no tax if out of state?