My Blueberry City is here!!

  1. :yahoo: I love it! Joseph did such a great job picking one out. I am now officially addicted to b-bags. Here are a couple pics
    Balenciaga4.JPG Balenciaga6.JPG
  2. gorgeous! Welcome to the club! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. jenn83, congrats!! it's beautiful! what a rich color.
    joseph must do a great job picking blueberries :lol:
  4. She is a beaut.!
  5. OMG the color is GORGEOUS!!!!! congratulations babe! the blueberry looks juicy and delish :yahoo: :wlae: :heart:
  6. What a fantastic color!! Congrats! It is gorgeous!
  7. OOHH. CONGRATS... love the colour :P
  8. Just lovely! congrats!
  9. :yahoo:Woo Hoo!
  10. Wow. That is the best color and leather I've seen on a Blueberry yet. He does pick out some great looking bags! Congrats and enjoy.
  11. WOOOHOOOO :yahoo: Joseph picks the best bags!!! Congrats Jenn, it's beautiful!
  12. SO Lovely!!!! Congrats!!!
  13. WOW! love the blueberry!
  14. yay...such a beautiful color.. Enjoy...
  15. wow, that's the most gorgeous blueberry i've seen yet girl :yes: