My blue suede... Christmas present!

  1. I wanted to share the excitement as my boyfriend, who is not so much a HH boyfriend but rather a completely utterly clueless about Hermes boyfriend, surprised me with a small orange box containing the cutest agenda ever!

    I can imagine the poor dear stepping into FSH and carefully choosing this agenda... He said "you like notebooks, you like leather ( :rolleyes: ), so I combined both!" Bless!

    So here's a couple of pics of this lovely blue suede agenda, which is always with me now!:heart:

    h 009.JPG

    h 011.JPG

    Merry Christmas to all H ladies and gents!
  2. Beautiful!! Congrats, that is a lovely gift :heart:
  3. wow! what a stunning color! and suede!how daring:smile:

    I am ALWAYS afraid of getting anything suede.....

    have fun with it....and btw: he is a keeper!

    many regards
  4. Very nice! Congrats!
  5. Whoa!!! It's lovely!! Your BF "did good" didn't he!! Congratulations!
  6. How pretty!
  7. boudoir, What a beautiful and thoughtful gift. :smile:
    That was adorable!!
    Your boyfriend is sweet. :smile:
  8. The color is gorgeous! Merry Christmas to you! The BF has good taste :yes:
  9. Thanks everyone!

    Sometimes Hermes objects also embody a specific moment or emotion, and I know I'll look at it fondly for a long time! (I've been with my BF for 7 years).
  10. BLUE SuuuuuUeeeeEDE!


    Man I love suede.
  11. What a thoughtful and beautiful gift, boudoir. Very promising step to becoming a HLBF.
  12. Its beautiful! Enjoy and Merry Christmas!
  13. Gorgeous indeed! Merry merry Christmas to you!
  14. Love the color....Enjoy in jolly spirit.
  15. Lovely :love: !!!
    Félicitations Boudoir :yahoo: !!