My Blue Spy from Jomashop!

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  1. Yay!! I received my Blueberry Spy from Jomashop today! It's my 2nd chance of owning a Blueberry Spy. I did not realize how much I loved the Blueberry Spy, until I sold my first one on eBay! I've been searching for another Blue since. I'm so happy that I found this deal on Jomashop. They delivered me a BEAUTIFUL Spy and she's definitely a KEEPER!!:yahoo:
    Picture 806.jpg Picture 808.jpg
  2. Beautiful!!!
  3. I am new to the spy bags..but a blueberry is definately on my list :heart::heart:
  4. Yay it's lovely! A blue bag is a must have!
  5. Congrats! Jomashop is where I purchased my bb spy too! I love the color
  6. Are you sure that Jomashop sells authentic products? :s
  7. It was listed in the authentic finds on fendi thread. Just to make sure I took pics right away and had authenticated here, just in case. I got the thumbs up:tup: The only thing I did not card was the card. I did call when I noticed that and rep said they do not give out the authencity cards.
  8. I did a lot of research on Jomashop before I ordered my Spy. It is indeed authentic. Mine came with the authenticity cards. Lorebunde, I wonder why they told you that they don't give out the authenticity cards?
  9. Jomashop sell authentic spies, do not worry. lots of ladies on here have bought spies from their.

    The bag is stunning and does look like it has super bubbly leather.
  10. Very nice --congrats!
  11. I know I was a little bummed because if the time came to sell having the card is a plus but going by the tags etc shows it's authentic. Also, I got it at a great price so I wasn't too mad. I really don't have any plans on selling though as I absolutly love it!:heart:
  12. Congrats, this is my favourite colour of spy.
  13. Congrats to you too; it seems they did have more than one in stock.
  14. completely jealous! Beautiful bag
  15. B-E-A-utiful Bag!!!!!!!