My blue nuit arrived... can I share?!

  1. My blue nuit bouler arrived this morning, and I am in love! It looks like it was never used, and this '05 leather is amazing. :heart:
    bags 014.JPG
  2. Gorgeous! Wonderful purchase!
  3. :love: that color is beautiful and the leather looks so soft i just want to squeeze it! :shame:
  4. :yahoo: Congrats~ I love the colour blue nuit!!!! Great choice!!
  5. Congratulations!!! Super Cute!!!!!!!:love:
  6. very nice color, congrats!
  7. congrats!!
  8. ooooooh, super duper lovely

    congratulations :biggrin:
  9. welcome to the bleu nuit family !
    (although i noticed that your thread is light blue while mine is greyish ... based from our fabulous chloe experts here in the forum, mine is a 07 edition ... is that why the color of the thread of the bags are different ?:confused1:
  10. Gorgeous. I love this color.

  11. Orange, I think your bag is one of the newer 2007 colors, while mine is a 2005 blue nuit. did your tag say "blue nuit" or something else?

    either way, your bag is GORGEOUS! Our bags are sisters!:p
  12. Of course you can share!! Your blue nuit is lovely! Enjoy it and congrats!
  13. Fabulous!!!
  14. I have your identical twin sister! I hardly see this bag in blue nuit. I :heart: it!!
  15. love it!!! :heart::heart::heart: congrats! the bowler/box is one of my fav paddy styles!