My blue jean fetish just escalated today.

  1. For those of you who are following (and, I have to say, encouraging) my blue jean fetish, here's the latest in the saga: Earlier in the week, I decided to call or visit my SA, and admit that, despite the fact I passed on a blue jean bolide recently, I did want to buy the next one, and to ask that she call me when one comes in. Well, so I visited the store today, discussed this with my SA, then low and behold - there was a 36 cm clemence retourne kelly with PH on the shelf that I asked to see. So I looked at it, walked around the store with it. Another customer said she wanted to buy it if I passed. After a few minutes more of deliberation, I gave it up so the other lady could buy it (this was hard) after deciding to to wait for a blue jean birkin. While I know I am in for a wait, I am glad that I finally made a decision and am looking forward to blue jean in my future.

    It was a lovely kelly though - I have to say, the 35 is a great size in retourne.

    Also kittenheads book recommendation helped me sort this out (the chapter of finding out whats right for you). I dont think the kelly or bolide would have been wrong, but I am definately more excited about a bj birkin and see myself more with it.
  2. Wow, jedimaster - I don't know if I could have resisted! good for you for sticking to your personal priorities - and how fabulous you have had a chance to see these designs IRL to confirm what is right for you!
  3. ooh, can't wait til you get your blue jean birkin! they are lovely :smile: i think my local store had one and it sold quickly!
  4. Jedimaster, thanks so much for sharing your experience. I can totally relate as I have kind of been struggling with the same decision myself. While I'm a big Bolide fan, I'm pretty sure I want a blue jean Birkin, but it is so hard to remain patient for it. This past week I came very close to buying a 32 Kelly Sellier in blue jean that my SA offered to me since it is such a beautiful bag and I want a bag in blue jean so badly. In the end I decided to pass on the Kelly and try and get the Birkin. But I don't know if I can keep from "cracking" the next time I have an attractive blue jean alternative!!! I may be seeking you out in the future to help reinforce my decision to wait for the Birkin.
  5. U will your get your BJ birkin soon. You're doing a good deed for the other lady.
  6. I, on the other hand, was unable to resist the siren song of a 37 blue jean bolide. I am definitely on the handbag wagon for several months. good luck finding your birkin!
  7. good luck finding blue jean birkin.. its the perfect color for 1st birkin :smile:
  8. pictures don't do the Bleu Jean justice. i tried on a BJ Kelly and have seen a JPG BJ Birkin with PH and for a colour i never thought i'd consider- i was absolutely in awe of it in purse-form (sure, in accessories all the colours look cute- it's pulling it off in a bag that's tricky.) this is why i trust most Hermes colours not to disappoint.
    I must say though, i was having lunch with my mom at the beverly hills hotel in the polo lounge several months ago and we were seated next to a woman with a Vert Anis Croc Birkin and i wasn't impressed by that colour in a shiney croc. i bet i'd like it more in regular leather. it looked pretty neon-like in shiney Croc. for me, personally, i wouldn't do it in a purse.
  9. ^^croissant, the lady sitting nxt to u is it, porosus or nilo.? shiny croc is :love: :drool:/matt croc :love: :shrugs: