My Blue India Purse is stuck in customs for 2-4 wks!!

  1. I can't believe this!! My HG BI Purse was due to arrive on Tuesday with priority mail and tracking and I have been calling international post every day since then until they told me today that "they apoligize but customs is experiencing delays of 2-4 weeks" !!! :wtf:
    And they said there is nothing I can do! I am soooo upset! And the worst thing is that I'm going on vacation soon and my seller (:heart:) was so kind to send it to me so I receive it before that!:sad: I have NEVER experienced anything like this- every parcel has taken 4-8 days from the US and Europe! I am so upset!:crybaby: Do you have any similar stories to comfort me?
  2. This is so upsetting- I just called customs and they won't give me any information! Does anyone know if there is anything I can do?:sad:
  3. Darling Marie, this is an absolute nightmare. I am so sorry. I have no advice or tips, just my love and support! Keep us updated and go drink heavily. :tispy:
  4. I'm so sorry MarieG to hear about this.I've been lucky so far but at the same time it shows me what I have to look forwad to once I move to GE.I hope things move faster and you get it before you vacay.

    Keep us posted!
  5. ^^Thanks so much for the comforting words, Shasta and Tanj!:tender: I'll keep you updated and might go out tonight, too!;)
  6. Your welcome just stay on top of it.I'm sorry I can't give you more advice but I'm sure someone will chime in with a similar experience.Thats a great idea to go out and relax.
  7. I will and thanks so much again- it really helps to share this with fellow BBag addicts because my SO can't really relate and I am sooo upset and sad!
  8. Aww Marie, I am so sorry. :sad:I can't imagine your smiley face so upset and sad.:nogood: I don't know what advise to give you but i am keeping my fingers crossed for you. You have lots of love coming your way from me.:heart::heart::tender:
  9. ^^Thanks so much, Nanaz!:tender: I really appreciate it!:heart:
  10. I will keep my fingers crossed for you too. I hate stupid customs. When you get it all the sad feelings will go away.
  11. ^^Thanks so much Vbskull!:yes: I hate customs now, too! I can't believe that they can just delay everyone's mail fror 2-4 weeks?? What if you are expecting something really important for work etc.?! I can't believe that they can just do that! I was sooo looking forward to my BI Purse, too, checking tracking everyday etc. This is so frustrating!
  12. Oh no Marie! Shall I say you have now been initiated into the Australian way of life - by waiting for your Bbag to release from customs! Customs Australia are very very strict and very expensive witrh their fees, duty and luxury goods taxes. What was it declared as? What price was it declared at? I got caught once when I ordered from Barneys NY. I was also slugged AUD500 in fees & charges on top of the cost of the bag (arghhh). I now ensure they are declared as a "used tote bag" and drastically undervalued. I have never had a problem since. I understand it's a risk because you obviously can't insure the item for it's true value, but if you get it sent with a tracking number through the normal postage system, you can track it all the way and you are fine. Also, I never use an express courier company like DHL, UPS or Fedex as guaranteed it will be held up in Australian Customs for 2 - 3 weeks. Then they hold you to ransom until you pay their fees. I know this is probably no help to you now, but it may work for you for future purchases. Stores and boutiques won't undervalue for me, however, some sellers have been really kind in doing this for me. Most people understand how expensive it is down under.
  13. Thanks so much for your response, KDC!:heart: The parcel was declared as a used bag worth $50 so it should be fine, right? It was sent with priority mail (5 Business Days and tracking) on 19 June. I've gotten quite a few parcels since I moved here (RV Purse, RV Money, Cornflower Shoulder and others) and they took a max of 8 days. The person at Australia Post said that the parcel is with customs and customs have generally notified Australia Post that they are experincing delays of up to 2-4 weeks. I called customs and they told me that they cannot provide me with any info regarding my parcel but that they only hold parcels for max 5 days. This is soo frustrating!
  14. omg! I'm soo sorry. That's terrible. I hope it comes soon and until then distract yourself with the beautiful pictures on the board like I've been doing... heh
  15. I'm so sad for you MarieG.... it's hard to not be able to do much about it. Sometimes it seems sitting and waiting is more stressful than being able to do something to move things along. I'm thinking of you and your Blue India, hoping you both find your way to each other VERY soon:balloon:.