my blue india first..... tell me what you think

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whta do you think of this blue india first?????

  1. beautiful......

  2. blah...........

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  1. as soon as i got out of work, i raced my car to ups and got my blue india first.
    tell me what you think....
    the first pic is with flash, second pic without flash. the second pic is kinda blurry since i could not keep my hand still, but the color is very accurate.
    DSCN0332.JPG DSCN0334.JPG
  2. The color is so different with the fash vs. without the flash. I think it's very pretty, how does the leather feel?
  3. to be honest with you .....
    i dont like the leather. its thick, but not as thick as my rogue vif for sure. other posts in here thast have described how good the blue grey leather is, and i am a little disappointed with the fact that it is not as nice as i thought it was gonna be.
    i like the color tho .....
  4. the color is spectacular...
  5. Wow, LOVE the color in the first pic! I wish that one were the actual color. Hmm... yeah, the leather isn't thrilling me... a little on the thin and veiny side but sometimes pics can be misleading. What do YOU think?
  6. the leather is thin...... not too thin tho, but yes.... it is a little veiny........ and it bugs me.......... :hysteric::hysteric::hysteric:
  7. honestly, for what the bag costs, if it bugs you that the leather isn't what you want it to be, you should return it.

    btw, I wish it was the color with the flash!
  8. i know.... but i am gonna have to overnight it tomorrow, and it costs so much money... not to mention that i MIGHT get a bag with same quality of leather (or even worse) for an exchange. not sure if it is worth all the trouble.
    maybe i should just bite the bullet, open a neiman card and buy from my local Neimans from now on......
  9. I love the color without the flash - I'm in the minority. If you don't like it, send it back. You will always regret the purchase.
  10. My blue india first looks completely different! I'm going to upload pics now!
  11. I love it. I think I'm one of the few that actually likes distressing. I don't like smooth, matte leather. I think it looks way too fake. I'd keep it. The veins will soften up with use......this has been my experience.
  12. the color is great, the leather could be nicer. maybe some lotion might help? can't wait to see yours mas!!
  13. ^ I agree w/ girlsgottoshop. I like the veiny look too. I love the color!:nuts: Congrats!
  14. Hmmmm...the leather looks kinda veiny and thin to me. Is it soft? The color is pretty, though. May I ask where you bought it? The pic of the BI First at AR looked like it had nice thick less veiny leather.
  15. pics:

    I had more but they won't upload! :Push: I think the leather on the back of my first is nicer than the front. Oh well...also the color is greener than in the picture. Like a really pretty blue-green not blue-gray. :confused1:
    bal3.jpg bal4.jpg bal5.jpg