My Blue India day bag!

  1. I was leaning towards getting a BI city (consistent with suggestions on another thread) but when I went to Gretta Luxe a couple of days ago they had a gorgeous day, and no city yet. I could not resist, as the leather and color are gorgeous. It looks deeper and greener to me than some of the other BI bags posted (but similar to BI day posted on another thread).

    I have photos but I'm getting a message that they are too big so will edit and try again later.
  2. Here's a photo of me wearing the bag (for some reason its smaller than photos of the bag itself). I don't think it shows the color as well but will try to figure out how to post the other photos.
  3. I think these photos represent the color quite well.
    BI1frontbed.JPG BI2backbed.JPG
  4. Congrats...!
    This style is really great!
  5. omg - that is sooooo beautiful!
    You wear it really well and the colour is tdf - congrats!
  6. Such a very pretty color and the leather looks great on your bag as well. Your pics show it well. Another gorgeous BI Day! Congratulations & enjoy!
  7. This color and this shape are TDF!!!:yes:
  8. Beautiful! I love the day style, and it looks perfect on you!
  9. mmmm now i want a BI!!!

    nono must resist..
  10. WOW that color is so pretty~!~ It reminds me off the blue water where the reef ends and the deeper water begins.
  11. WOW! Drooling. That is gorgeous!
  12. Pretty congrats!!!
  13. Your bag is so pretty. Congratulations!
  14. It' looks so fab with jeans! The leather seems much better than the recent veiny leather we've been seeing
  15. Thanks for your congrats and compliments everyone!

    Beverly - The leather is really beautiful, nicely distressed but not veiny at all (no white showing through distressing). It's even somewhat smooshy -- not as thick and smooshy as my sky blue hobo -- but I'm very happy with the leather.