My Blue India City bag!

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  1. I went back and forth over whether I really wanted the BI but when I got the call last week from BalNY that they were in I could not resist and bought it, while I was on the phone with BalNY I ended up also ordering a griege twiggy. My purse ban failed miserably.:sad:

    So here is my Blue City, what do you all think of the color? These were taken outside without the flash but I don't think they capture the color correctly. My bag appears darker IRL.

    I also included a photo of my griege twiggy, love this color!:heart:
    DSC_0199.jpg DSC_0197.jpg DSC_0198.jpg
  2. Ooooo Cilla, they're both gorgeous!!!! Congrats
  3. Love your griege Twiggy! And,,,, I think your BI City is gorgeous!! It appears to have more blue in it than the Day I got today. Mine has a bit more tealy green & gray to it. Congratulations on your two new fabulous Bbags!
  4. Gorgeous! The BI is to die for. And I'm starting to have naughty thoughts about greige! Someone stop me!
  5. OOOoooo very very it.
  6. Thank you all!

    I can't say enough good things about the griege/cement, it is such a great color!
  7. i love the blue india. congrats!!!!
  8. It's FABULOUS! My Mom's is lighter and she didn't like it. I think it looks like the verte d'eau bag for spring.
  9. 0o0o yummy!!! congrats!!!
  10. they are great cilla! congratulations! i can't wait for my BI!!!!!!!!
  11. Beautiful!! Congrats on both of them. I love the color on the BI.
  12. LOVE them both! Excellent choices! Congrats!
  13. CONGRATS cilla :flowers: - I love both of them - especially the griege twiggy :drool: :yahoo: :love:
  14. i am going to post again, because i just can't get over how beautiful your city is!!!!
  15. Awww I am really loving the color now.:yes: I hope you get yours soon!

    Thank you all for the wonderful comments!