My blue family keeps growing, here is my new baby: Miss SB MU!

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  1. I know, i said i'd stop after i bought my 08 Turquoise day, but i passed by the balenciaga shop at the printemps paris and couldn't help myself from buying this little cutie. Anyhoo, accessories don't really count, do they? I am very happy to have this new baby, the leather is smooth and a bit veiny but veryyyyy soft and yummy.:love::heart: I should stop after this one, or else, my DH will send me to rehab for good!!!!:roflmfao:
    My blue family has today four members: Miss 05 Teal work, Miss 08 turquoise day, Little wallet 06 BI, and the latest, Little 08 Sky Blue Make up!!:yahoo: i put a silver chain on the top and plan to remove the tassle in order to keep it in good condition.:love:
  2. Like every mom i'm fond of my new baby, so here are some more pics.:lol::drool::love: And an additional pic of my pop turquoise.:love:
  3. Very pretty, congrats!! :yes:
  4. Lovely! I love Blue
  5. Very pretty, CONGRATS!!!
  6. Yay another blue fan! Your new addition looks so soft :love: Congrats!! :tup:
  7. Delmilano, I'm dying to see a shot of your entire blue family :love:
  8. love your collection!!! :smile:
  9. Me too! :yes:

    ( And accessories don't really "count" so you're in the clear! :P )
  10. :tup: Congrats!!!! I love makeup clutches :heart: BTW, Your Turquoise day is beautiful!!!
  11. Super cute! At the moment I am totally obsessed with makeup accessory.
  12. Soooo pretty! I was going back and forth on whether or not to get a SB MU, and you're pics just did it for me! I'll be looking forward to adding this beauty to my collection!
  13. I love your newest addition! Your pop turq is TDF too;)

  14. Thanks Jira, samia, pinkboudoir, south-of-france, slinks,celafusion, Lanier, DollyGirl,LVobsessed415,PeachyO and Lovely64. You girls are so sweet.
    Samia : I love balenciaga blues, they are so pretty and so different.
    South of france : You inspired me with all your blue beauties, i'm so in love with this color, can't get enough of it. I'm less a pink girl, tried to get one pink bag but felt that it wasn't me. But the blue, even the bright turkey is easy to wear IMO. I just took it to work under the rainy groomy paris' sky.
    Slinks & Lanier : I promise i'll take a family shot as soon as i can. Today there was a little sunlight when i was at work so i took some pics of my day and MU under the real natural nice lighting and not the usual pics with flash or under neon light. i'll try to do that again with my 4 blues.
    DollyGirl & LVobsessed415 : I love Balenciaga MU clutch a lot too, at first i found them quite expensive but now i really think they worth the $$$$$$.:love::tup:
    PeachyO : You won't be disappointed with a SB MU, very nice color, in my bag it just pops, easy to find. and the color is changing from one light to another. it can be very blue under the sunlight and paler under neon light. make sure you choose the one with soft leather, some of them are dry and paper-y.
  15. Oh it's gorgeous ... I love both the SB and turq, looks great together! Congrats!