my blue dilemma, help needed

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  1. Hi ladies,
    I am sorting my bag collection and found out that these two are too similar to be kept both... so I am going to part with one of them. They are both blue... size is similar as well, but maybe nightingale micro is a bit bigger... and ps tiny is a more purple blue... I am torn as I love both, so would love to hear your opinions on which to keep!
    I post it on PS sub forum first... then I realise it might make more sense to post on both forum so I get a fair opinion, lol


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  2. I actually think the PS suits you more out of the two pics you've posted, I like it with the silver hw too. Not so keen on the older style Nightingale though so maybe I'm biased, but my vote is for the PS.
  3. Proenza!
  4. keep the PS!! love that size on you and the overall shape/aesthetic of the PS compared to the NG.
  5. I would keep the PS, the shape seems to sit really nicely on you.
  6. I'm with the PS vote. It's cure on your frame.
  7. Cute not cure! Bad autocorrect.
  8. They are both pretty :heart:
    However, The nightingale is more unique ; I feel its a classic givenchy handbag .. The PS is a bit similar to other bags.
    If I had to choose I'd keep the nightingale ..
  9. Ps!
  10. I like the nightingale more. :smile: just looks more unique. I see a lot of the PS around but not the nightingale in micro :smile:
  11. I like the more structured look of the PS
  12. I prefer the PS too! ️
  13. I actually like the PS1 best...great color!
  14. the PS looks good on you
  15. Thank you all ladies for your nice input! It seems that PS is quite obviously leading, I love the ps too as it's easy to open and close, though micro is really cute too, and the goat skin feels so good... I guess with your help, i finally made up my mind to keep the ps and let the micro go... oh i love bright blues...
    Thanks for all your votes! :smile: