My Bloody Valentine in 3D, anyone seen it?

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  1. Just saw My Bloody Valentine in 3D thinking it was going to be cool... for those who haven't seen it... don't go see it... it definitely sucked! It was a cheesy scary movie... you could predict what was going to happen and there were not that many 3D parts in it... it was somewhat blurry too... it'll probably be at the top of the box office just because it is "3D" ... anyone that was planning to see it, don't... it was a waste of $... by the way, you don't get to keep the 3D glasses... you "use" them for $2.00/piece... this movie gets a definite thumbs down!:tdown:
  2. Me and my BF wanted to go see it, but no theatre's are playing it in 3D around here
  3. I kept my 3D glasses by accident (didn't see the little bin you return them to and carried them outside.... Oops, don't tell my theatre!)

    Not worth seeing if you don't see the 3D one, anyhow. Though I did like seeing the Coraline trailer in 3D.
  4. LOL, yeah that was the only thing worth seeing! LOL
  5. We saw this last night because I love a good cheesy horror flick.

    It was ok as a movie, but kind of cool in 3D. But I agree with the OP- there weren't that many 3D parts and it was a little blurry. It's also a very LONG cheesy movie... but I liked the experience.

    On the Today show last week some movie directors were saying that 3D is back and many more movies are going that route. So maybe it will get better!!

    But the movie is definitely worth seeing because of how HOT the actor who plays Tom is... :graucho:
  6. Yea it was a dumb movie, but I was entertained because of the 3D. I agree that it was really blurry in some parts.
  7. i hate the 3d, movie was ok,
  8. My husband and I almost went to see this yesterday. I was going to ask if anyone liked it, LOL.