My Blondie Flap Family

  1. Here is my little Blondie family. Aren't they adorable?
    photos 182.jpg photos 183.jpg
  2. are you still selling that black and white one on ebay? you should keep it.
  3. Yes. I have decided to let it go through this auction cycle and if it doesn't sell I will keep it. I was selling it because I live in a warm climate, don't go out often for formal events, and it's made of velvet. But I won't cry if it doesn't sell!
  4. i love your blondie collection, Rondafaye, its beautiful and they all look cute together!!
  5. beautiful collection!
  6. OMG your collection is TDF! Congrats on finding all those wonderful bags.
  7. i saw a black and white velvet bag liek yours at a second hand store here in hong kong a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with it. it looks like one of those bags you'd hand down to your daughter or something. :yes: gorgeous! and it felt so luxurious to the touch, too.
  8. Thanks, all. I am really enjoying them. Although my husband . . . not so much!
  9. :yes: Wow! You're collection is gorgeous!!! Congrats....You have great taste!
    :heart: Emmy
  10. beautiful collection! :heart:
  11. Holy cow, that's a lot of flap ! So cute ! :yes:
  12. Wow, what a great collection.
  13. Beautiful! That's a lot of blondies on one couch :P
  14. hi rondafaye, how much did you buy the white blondie for? if you dont mind letting me know? thanks!!!
  15. OMG! Stunning--I'm speechless!