My "blocked" buyer was able to purchase from me :(

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  1. Just wanted to warn others about Ebay ID Masryiah. I had a high priced bag for sale. She kept asking me questions and haggling down the price. I found out she was in Malaysia and told her I do not do international shipping. She also wanted to buy the bag and have me ship it to another address in Portland Oregon. I told her "no way" She would respond back in rantings and jibberish. I decided to block her before she attempted to buy the bag. ($600 Coach gathered Lindsey). She was then sending me more messages saying she had tried to buy but was blocked. I informed her I do not do international shipping and will not ship to another address.

    Last night another buyer vzh19s with zero FB purchased my bag. The buyer then informed me she was the buyer from Malaysia and wants this bag shipped to address in Portland Oregon and to not add invoice or signature required on package.

    I immediately called Ebay and they said to request to cancel transaction. I was informed if she denies my request I lose my almost $50 final value fee they took from me. I am so pissed!!! My husband looked up the address in Oregon and it is a scam. People will get stuff shipped there and then they will send the packages over seas.
    For anyone interested here is the address

    Scroll down to see how others have been scammed. :sad:

  2. Thanks! I've blocked both IDs. I have had this happen before too- it is such a hassle!
  3. That Portland address is to HopShopGo, a parcel forwarder in partnership with PayPal, which is definitely NOT a scam.
  4. Many buyers use a parcel forwarding service. I have sold to a few of them ( I don't sell int'l) with no problem. As long as that is the address they use with PP a seller should be covered.
  5. Why not ship to portland if legit?
    However, I would not let Paypal keep the fifty buck. Keep calling and get the money back.
  6. I might would have shipped to her but it was her strange questions and ranting behavior that made me block her in the first place. Also I do not want to send a $600 bag with no signature confirmation. She also has zero feedback and I am not willing to sell an expensive bag to her. She was also very rude and demanding.
    Maybe this makes me a bad seller but i felt she was scamming me from the get go. Also her other feedback had false positive FB saying "not a legit buyer". :sad:
  7. Forget it then but by all means get your money back. How can Ebay rationalize charging $50?
    is that new?
    That is bull call, call, call
  8. Thanks..I will try and get my final value fee back. I'm still waiting to hear from the buyer.
  9. I have a friend in the Phillipines who uses this type of forwarding service as well in NY. However OP, if you felt uncomfortable from the get-to, you need to get that money back!
  10. I tried to block Masryiah but ebay says that it is an invalid ID.

    Anyone else find the same thing?
  11. She did indeed agree to cancel the transaction and then immediately filed a claim thru pay pal claiming package was never received. Pay pal then put the funds on hold and I was able to close the case by issuing a refund.
    I'm so glad that its over with. I have had a few bad experiences in the last few months and may be done with eBay for a while. It seems the sellers are at the mercy of the buyers.
  12. Glad it all worked out for you op
  13. I think if it were ever to happen again (heaven forbid it happens again), you can call eBay and report the buyer for circumventing a block.