My Blinged Out Phone~~~

  1. AGES ago i wrote asking about blinged out phones... well i got mine done by a company in the states, sent my phone to them told them the design and colors.. and voila2 days later they were done!!

    ITS AMAZING in real life.. its pink, purple, black and white.. but u cant really see the purple.. its sooo soooo hot.. all with genuine swarovski crystals AND a 24month drop guarentee!!

    Im a happy blinged out bunny

    *the last pic is the pic i sent them but just asked them to change the colors. i got it form their website* the one thts primalrly white
    my phone.jpg DSC07707.jpg
  2. Wow i love it!
    It's so pretty!
  3. trying to take a better pic of it.. its being taken with my friends camera phone.. hmm anyways u get the idea im LOVING IT
    my phone1.jpg
  4. now thats a hot phone! congrats! What company did you use if you dont me asking?
  5. Gorgeous:yes:
  6. That is so hot! Love it!
  7. omg wow! It's pretty
  8. Wow, that's awesome! Very unique.
  9. oooh that is sooo pretty!!!!!!!
  10. Wow, that's the coolest phone! Was it really expensive to have done?
  11. That's gorgeous! I remember seeing your thread a while back and was wondering how it would turn out. They did a great job! :tup:
  12. Oooo...that's gorgeous!!! I love it!!! Congrats!
  13. Wow, that's cool! hehe. Was it very expensive?
  14. Wow! That's really really cute!!