My Bling is Back!!

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  1. I had to put this piece in for a repair, I love my other rings but this one is my absolute favourite so I thought I'd share with you guys. (I know my hands are a totally different colour that's just the flash).
    I'm still waiting for the appraisal back so I don't know the stats on it just yet, but it's an Amethyst

  2. stunning ring!
  3. Love the setting of it. Amazing ring from all views! That's my birthstone but I have never been a fan til now! Love it.
    Now you need some amarante vernis LV to go with that bling! lol
  4. Wow - gorgeous - that is some serious bling!:smile:
  5. Wow, that's gorgeous!!
  6. Thanks guys!!

    Mlowran - You're such an enabler!!! LOL
  7. pretty ring
  8. Sooo gorgeous!
  9. Oh! So pretty! I have a very similar sized amethyst although not teardrop shape! I really like that setting though! Congrats!

    May I be nosey & ask how many carats? I think mine is 12.

    I also have a pendant (amethyst) that is 25 carats (roughly)! Amethyst isn't my birthstone but supposedly its my "power color" for my chakra??? I don't know! Something fruity like that!
  10. That is so gorgeous! I really like the pictures taken from the side, the setting is absolutely gorgeous!

  11. I don't know the carat weight just yet. The stone came out that's why it was in for repair but while it was in I decided to get it valued so they can get the right carat weight without the setting affecting it, I'm waiting for the report back so at the minute I'm not sure.
  12. very pretty!
  13. OH, that is gorgeous! I love the setting!!
  14. It's absolutely fabulous! The color is gorgeous and looks great in the pave setting. I love it!
  15. The colour of that stone is so deep and beautiful:drool::drool: