My Bleu Nuit - Capsule Shoulder - come see!

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  1. Hi ladies, I'm new to chloe and tried to do my research in the reference forum about colors but didn't really get my answer. I ordered the paddington capsule from in bleu nuit which it says is charcoal and the picture looks black! I know neimans has a tendency to describe items a little different than they actually are and all of your pictures of bleu nuit look like navy.. so what color am I actually getting?
  2. It's a kind of navy blue, but more gorgeous than straight navy IMO :heart:

    I don't have one, but there are a few girls on here with one.

    There is also a metallic Blue Nuit.

  3. It tends to be a dark navy but in the flash of a camera it can look much brighter (see bottom right of my avatar) - i'm not sure if it might have become darker as the seasons have gone on - all the bleu nuits i see now do look very, very dark - but when you get it you will be able to see it isn't actually black...Not very helpful! If you don't like it when it arrives, you can always return it? :smile:
  4. the blue nuit capsule bag is a very very dark blue, like navy. It's much darker than the regular bleu nuit paddington style. It's one of those bags that you wouldn't think was blue until you held it up against something black to see the colour difference. Hope that description made at least a little sense! :nuts:
  5. that's wonderful! i was hoping it wasn't going to be a true black or charcoal--i have enough black bags. I can't wait to see it now! thanks ladies
  6. An update, the bag arrived and in every light i can find, indoor, outdoor, flourescent, its black, a cold black but still black. No one can see the blue. I have too many black bags but I love the style so much now I'm keeping it... maybe one day it will fade to blue lol
  7. Keep it :tup::yes:! I think it´s a lovely colour :yes:...
  8. congrats on the new Chloe - you'll have to post a pic so we can see the colour !
  9. Here she is.


  10. Gorgeous!
  11. Ooooo, I really love that :smile:
  12. thank you! it's the perfect size for going out, just enough room for wallet, phone, keys, makeup. I love the size of the paddington hardware especially on a bag this small. next stop paraty!
  13. cute i used to have one in moka and it was a great little bag!