My Bleeker Felicia X-Slim Duffle No. 11424

  1. I purchased the Bleeker Felicia X-Slim Duffle No. 11424 for $598 with a credit that I had. While I like the bag i do not love it. I would love it if it were chocolate Brown Leather. I am just going to hold on to it until I decide what I would like later on down the road near December. I am posting these pictures so that you can get a feel for the size and style of the bag. I am 5 ft 2 inches and 119 lbs.
    IMG0001_4.jpg IMG0001_7.jpg IMG0001_8.jpg
  2. That is really pretty!
  3. I like that color!
  4. I think that is a really gorgeous bag, but if you don't love it, you should return it so you can get something you really love. What is the perfect bag for you?
  5. I think it's beautiful but if you don't LOVE it, I agree - exchange if for something you do!
  6. To me, I'm reminded of a 'Slim Carly'. What's your opinion seeing it IRL?

    The color is nice, but I agree that a chocolate brown option would be nice. Hope you love what you eventually select!
  7. The perfect bag for me would be a smaller version of the Elisa Slim duffle with a zipper top in chocoate brown. I would love that bag. I also would have loved it if they had made the Gigi in chocolate brown or a Large Bleeker Duffle in chocolate Brown. That would be my favorite bag. Coach does not really make enough chocolate brown bags in all leather versions. Right now there are only three on the website.

  9. Thanks for posting - great bag! So is the Elisa smaller? I can see how it would be a bit much for your petite frame - lucky girl.... thanks again!
  10. The bag I posted pictures of is the Felicia. The Elisa is a tad but bigger except it closes with a snap and has two large front pockets. It really is too big for my small frame, I would have like it if they had made a smaller size
    in a less expensive price as well.
  11. BTW, I think the COACH website measurements are wrong. The Bleeker Elisa, 11447, is listed as 13 3/4 (L) x 18 1/2 (H) x 3 (W).
    But my bag measures 18.5"L x 16.5"H x 3"W. This coupled with the fact that it has a snap closure instead of a zipper, means that anyone interested should see her IRL to decide if she's right for you.

    COACH also lists Felicia's measurements as: 18 1/2 (L) x 17 (H) x 2 5/8 (W). Which makes it seem that the Felicia is 'way bigger' than the Elisa. Do your Felicia measurements match the website?

    They're both gorgeous bags, IMO!
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  12. I love this bag! And the Elisa, too. But I am 5'2 and these bags overwhelm me!!!
  13. The Felicia is 19" across by 16 1/2" tall by 3 1/2 depth. It is a large bag and has a zippered closure. The measurements on the website are 18 1/2" wide by 17" tall by 2 5/8 inches in depth.

  14. That bag is HOT! Is the leather heavy or more like the Ergo bags?
  15. Wow.....that is one tasty bag....I LOVE the color. It is so yummy and the leather...WOW! But I agree w/ everyone else that YOU have to love it, and if you don't, it will hang in your closet. And a bag like that deserves to be taken out!!! Let us know what you decide and good luck!!!:flowers: