My Bleecker Street Experience

  1. I can't post pictures until I return to Miami. BUT... my fiance and I are up in New York City apartment hunting with his parents. We were in greenwich village grabbing a bite to eat (after signing a lease) and I insisted on going to the Legacy Boutique. I was kind of disappointed in the selection of merchandise, mainly because I'm already a Legacy addict and had several things in the store.

    However, the store staff was very friendly. As soon as we talked in they identified us as coach addicts. They offered us bottles of Fiju water. I wanted something one of a kind, like I said nothing impressed me. So they brought out the lip gloss from the back room. Apparently it's not on sale in stores yet, and they weren't even supposed to be selling it there yet... I got the scoop it will not be sold in Kohl's ... ever, that was a misprint in Harper's Bazar.

    Even though I only spent $25 they gave us 4 cards to go to Magnolia's Bakery (famous from SATC). It was an overall positive experience. When I move up here in a few months I will more apt to go to the legacy boutique than to the normal boutiques.

    Overall opinion -- great staff, needs more unique merchandise. I already owned the majority of the pieces in the store I would be interested in.:tup:
  2. I'm glad you had an overall positive experience!! I would love to go to it!! How exciting about you moving to NYC!!! I would go to the bleecker boutique like every week!!
  3. I'm glad you had fun and most importantly that the staff was so welcoming :biggrin: Maybe it will feel more unique when they come out with new stuff that you don't have yet and you can get it from them!
  4. That's awesome!! I can't wait for my next trip to NYC so I can hit the Legacy Boutique! I'm also thinking about getting some of that yummy lip gloss as well!!!
  5. That must have been so much fun !
  6. Sounds fun, good to know they treated you so well! :tup:
  7. The employees working in that store are serious about their business and that's great! It's nice to hear positive stories about sales associates that actually do their job! And by offerring such fantastic CS, they've gained a new future customer.:yes:
  8. Very nice!

    I'm feeling the need to visit NYC.... ;)
  9. Maybe Coach should adopt the same service standard for other stores as well. Though now I'm recognized as a Coach junkie, I get treated quite a bit better.
  10. Glad to hear you had a great experience!
  11. I'm so glad you had a great experience!! Heading up to NYC Monday morning & the Legacy Boutique & the bakery are 2 of my first stops!!!
  12. Did you go into the bathroom? If I remember correctly, didn't somebody go there and used the washroom and took photos in it that were really cool? The wallpaper was LEGACY strips. Or am I crazy? Does anybody else remember that?
  13. I'll be heading to NYC for the first time in April. My in-laws have an apt there that they stay in when they're in NYC so they told us we can stay there anytime. DH probably wont want to go, but I'll make him (and make him buy me something too)
  14. Mmmm Magnolias.

    I haven't been there in a while but I have a business card and was surprised one day when I happened to look at it and noticed the address. I had never paid attention to it before. Now I know I would be able to find the store, I need to check it out one day.