My Bleecker Leather Shopper!!

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  1. I posted some photos in another thread to try and help someone else decide, but I thought I'd start a thread for those of you who didn't get to see it. NOT that I want to splash my photo all over the forum but I'm trying to enable!

    I received my black leather bleecker shopper on Thursday and I really like it! I took a photo of it with my matching wallet and I also took a modeling photo to help show the size. It fits over the arm nicely without a jacket and with a little effort with a jacket. I have issues with getting anything over my shoulder when I have a heavy jacket on though.

    I went with the black because I've seen a few of the british tan and I wasn't happy with the difference in color between the handles and the bag itself. It smells heavenly!!


  2. I think it's a gorgeous bag and one can never go wrong with black leather! BTW, it looks so cool with the matching wallet!
  3. I also chose this in Black! I was first going to get the British Tan, but this is a fabulous purse in Black.

    I took a friend and she was definitely my enabler today! I am surprised I didn't walk out with half the store!
  4. That bag is gorgeous! It's first on my wish list should I get a PCE for december! Love the matching wallet, too!!
  5. Congratulations on your new bag! It looks great on you!:tup:
  6. That bag is gorgeous, and it looks great on you! Thanks for the modeling pics--it really does help give a better understanding of how it looks over the shoulder!
  7. Great bag! I'm think of getting this very bag but have 2 concerns. I was worried about it fitting over my shoulder (looks like that would be fine based on your photos! THX!). I was also concerned it would not fit my stuff well. It is one big opening with a zipper on top? I can't really tell from the photos.

    Thanks for posting photos, it helps to see it on people! And Congratulations!!!
  8. That is a fabulous bag. I too am thinking of the Bleeker Shopper but in signature Chocolate if it ever is realeased. I really love the shape and style of this bag. It looks great on your shoulder! Congrats on your awesome bag!
  9. Now that is one bleecker I actually like!! Looks great on you!! Congrats!
  10. Very nice! I love this bag in black!
  11. Liz, I called JAX again last week regarding the brown sig and they still don't show the chocolate sig in the shopper ever being released??? Didn't you speak with someone who said 2nds week of November? I wonder where they got their info?:shrugs: I didn't want to wait it out in case it NEVER happens. :sweatdrop: I needed a bag now so instead I chose the Legacy flap bag in brown sig. I'm really happy with this bag. :yes: