My black YSL college bag leather started having stains

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  1. Dear everyone, i am new in this forum, pls let me know if i am posting it wrong

    I got my ysl college bag this winter, however since last month I noticed some stains on my bag, tried to rub it off with wet towel, took my bag to the bag care place, they said they don’t know the reason it happened, and suggested me to dye the bag in blue, which I will never do.

    Ps: the shelf where the bag stands is away from sunlight

    Doesn’t anyone know why this happens?

    Any suggestions is highly appreciated!

    IMG_0321.jpg IMG_0321.jpg IMG_0322.jpg
  2. Hi! I have the black medium college bag with silver hardware for 3 months now. it hasn't happened to mine. I use this kit to gently clean and condition the leather (i've seen this brand being suggested here quite often so gave it a try). My bag def looked cleaner and newer. Hope this helps with taking the stain out.

    As for the shelf where you store your bag, I'd make sure that it's not touching or rubbing on other bags and stored outside of the dust bag so the leather could "breathe". And I'd also take the bag chain off when storing, in case the metal somehow transfers onto the leather.

    Hope this helps!
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  3. Thank you! Was so helpful!
  4. could be make up or lipstick? or Sauce?
    Looks like your bag got dirty... doesn't look like something ysl has to do with or Quality issues.
    so sorry that happened to your bag.
    I have the same bag and don't Baby it. it still Looks brand new so I think normally it stands a lot but maybe it's hard to get marks off that leather because of the structure. once it is dry it maybe stands forever
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  5. Thanks for the reply :smile: i live in taipei so it might happened because of the very hot and humid weather, I rubbed it off with alcohol and it worked perfectly lol, no damage on the leather, now i keep the bag in the dust bag
  6. I hav
    thank you! Going to order this product soon!