My Black Velvet Celine Boogie Bag

  1. Hello ladies,

    Here's a picture of my black velvet Celine Boogie bag, bought in Paris in January 2006. I have another one in pink calfskin too, will post pictures later.

  2. Very cute bag!
  3. VERY NICE!:love:
  4. Its so cute! I love it.
  5. That is so B E A utiful,... enjoy!
  6. very pretty!
  7. Love It! Wow! Congrats!!!!!!
  8. Love love:love: this bag ... I think it's stunning!
  9. Cute!
  10. Lovely! I am anxious to see the pink one!
  11. wow, thats a beautiful bag! Great choice.
  12. Thats gorgeous! I thought those were suede?
  13. That is an adorble black bag!!! Hope you enjoy it
  14. Very pretty! ;)
  15. I like that bag! Would love to see it in pink too.
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