My black Valentinos

I'll take two

Sep 29, 2009
Hi ladies, after seeing all your gorgeous Valentinos, I would like to share a few of mine! :biggrin:

From left to right:

The Nuage. Has a lovely crinkled texture, very pettable. And it is great for an afternoon of shopping because it can carry an unbelievable amount of stuff.

The Histoire. Shiny patent leather, which I recently got for formal business meetings. Haven't had a chance to use it yet. Might be able to fit an iPad or a small laptop in there.

The Petale. Nappa leather. Very lightweight and so soft. Really dresses up a casual outfit.

I really adore the craftsmanship and the attention to detail in Valentino bags.

Anyway, that's my tiny collection! :lol:
Fabulous ,Love them all !!


Oct 3, 2011
Thank you! I just love the way the bags are constructed. Like, the Petale's flower petals are so cleverly arranged. And the braiding on the Histoire is so neat. :love: