My black suede flat hobo is in the house!!!

  1. OMG!!! I can't believe I was so lucky to find this!!! I LOVE it!!!:love: I've always dreamed of getting black w/silver and it's finally here!!!~ and it's my birthday so I could not have gotten a nicer gift!!!:yahoo:

    The mailman rang my bell and was very RUDE to me!!! He was so mad b/c my driveway is a sheet of ice and he slid down (it's like a hill)!!! He was actually yelling at me to sand my driveway and if anything happened to him I was liable and he went on and on~ very nasty man!!! I was like :wtf: WTF!!!!!! He wouldn't stop lecturing me~ anyway~ as much as I wanted to snap back at him I didn't b/c I really wanted my bag!!!!:lol:

    So~ here's my black suede flat hobo!!! I am so thrilled that the strap adjusts to many different lengths!!!

    DSC02749.JPG DSC02758.JPG DSC02768.JPG
  2. Ohhhhhh...Gorgeous!!!!!:yahoo:
  3. Congratulations! What a beauty! Love the black with silver.

    Happy Birthday!
  4. yowza!!! :yahoo: that is one ~gorgeous~ bag!!!! Love it!!!

    And Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  5. love it! congrats :yahoo:
  6. Congrats zacorey!!!:yahoo: And Happy Birthday:party: It's gorgeous :heart:
  7. OMG!!! it's pretty :love:
    congrats and HAPPY BDAYYYYYY

    u're one lucky gal :yes:
  8. Ooooh, LOVE it!!! The black/silver is TDF... just got a hold of a weekender from -03 myself:yahoo: Can't wait!! ENJOYS YOURS!!!
  9. First: HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY dearest 'L' zac....... :party: !!! All the best to you - have a fantastic DAY :yahoo:

    Then : CONGRATS to this absolutely breathtaking and rare BEAUTY :flowers: you absolutely deserve it - I'm so happy for you :heart: !!​
  10. NICE MIZ Z!! :jammin:
  11. Ooh la la! It's GORGEOUS!!! :love: Are you gonna model it for us, or what? Or, are you going to wait to model it along with the other Bbags you recently purchased? Hmmmmm? :graucho:
  12. Oh it looks so nice! What does the suede feel like??
  13. Thanks sooo much everyone!!!!:heart: :heart: :heart:

    first~ I :heart: you and thank you so much love!!! xoxo

    silje~ you are sooooo lucky to have a weekender in black/silver!!!:love: :drool: :love:
  14. It's really thick and soft~ surprisingly not heavy!!!! I love how Balenciaga keeps all their bags extremely lightweight!!!
  15. LOL~ maybe later I will model it! I still have not gotten ready! I am anxiously awaiting my other bag to come!!!