My Black Stam just arrived!!!

  1. ;) For those following my personal Stam Stam just got delivered to the office!!!!

    Doing a lil' jig :yahoo: !

    She's gorgeous! I'm so glad to have a "stam" back in my life:tender:. It's a good thing that my office door is closed right now - I'm half clutching/writing, and I'm sure I look like a loon :wtf: . My poor BF (I called him to tell him that it finally arrived) asked me "Do you love the Stam more than me?" I told him that I may love the Stam, but it doesn't hug back or give massages ;) .
  2. That's great Suli! Can't wait to see pics - Enjoy!!!
  3. SuLi, glad you finally got a Stam that you are happy with. =) Black Stam goes with everything, congrats! =)

    Very cute comments from your BF. =)
  4. Woooo! Congratulations! I'm so glad you're finally hugging a Stam you love, even if it can't hug back. ;)
  5. LUcky YOU!!!!! please post pics ASAP (please post one of you wearing the bag _ I love seeing how people wear the stam) It's a great bag I hope to one day own one myself!!!
  6. No digicam at the office? :sad: :lol:

    The moment you get home you must post pics!!! :girlsigh:

    .......and a big CONGRATS!
  7. congrats and more importantly glad you like it!
  8. Glad to hear your Stam mission finally resolved into a happy ending! Congratulations, I'm looking forward to seeing your pics.

    So funny that your BF thought you loved the stam more than him.
    Typical guy insecurity, LOL.
  9. Congrats on the new stam! I'm glad the ordeal is now over!
  10. congrats!
  11. Here are some pics...(aren't you guys tired of seeing the same things over again?)

    Sorry for not posting earlier!

    My batteries are low, so I will try to post pictures of my carrying the bag tomorrow.
    Picture 043.jpg Picture 045.jpg Picture 047.jpg
  12. Suli that is such a hot bag! Now I'm upset I passed on that color. Congrats again!
  13. Aww...thanks!

    You shouldn't be've already got an awesome Stam of your own (Putty right?).
  14. Yup and I love it, but now I want black. Ug, I really need to get off this forum.
  15. Congrats!!!!
    Such a gorgeous bag!!!! *does a little happy jig* :yahoo: