My Black Sienna Arrived

  1. And it's great. Looks to be 99% new. The only think wrong was someone decided to unknot the side tassles and when they retied them there is extra string at the bottom. I'll have to undo them and get a closer knot. The seller got them at the NM sale and said the knots were like that when she got it. She only used it 2 days. So it must have been a return. I wonder why people feel compelled to untie those things...LOL Now I am 100% satisfied. A smooth black and a Metallic Army Sienna. I am complete...LOL

    Black Sienna.JPG

    Black Sienna 2.JPG
  2. Wow Lexie, that is one gorgeous bag... and cat!
  3. That's BabyKitty. I brought her home from the Vet 12 years ago. They found her roaming with a collar and she was spayed and declawed. They put ads in the paper and checked at the shelters and after 3 months couldn't find her family so I took her home. She is somewhere between 15 and 20 years of age. We have no idea really except they told us she was between 3 and 8 when we picked her up.
    She didn't like that I had the bag there. She does not like disturbed when she is lounging. See that pissed off look she has? LOL
  4. LOL, don't take Kitty's spot..Lexie, I'm confused, didn't you have a black Sienna, which you sold again? (or do I have this all mixed up..?)
  5. Good grief Lexie, I thought BabyKitty was a kitten, she looks so youthful. I adore her coloring, she's absolutely gorgeous.

    Oh yeah, love your black Sienna too!
  6. Black Sienna! COOL! They are really a hot item, aren't they????
  7. two cats love to untie knots on anything they can get their paws on, and they confirmed that is probably what happened in your case.:wlae: They also like to take naps beside things that they love.
  8. Great bag--congrats!!
  9. Wow! Beautiful bag Lexie. Congratulations.
  10. I had a black Sienna and sold it. STUPID ME! I regretted it ever since. So I had to find another one which will stay with me forever.

    Baby kitty is healthy far...but doesn't play much nowdays. She looks young. maybe because of her size. She is just 6 lbs and has been that weight since we got her. We tried major efforts to get her to gain but nothing has worked. The Vet said she is petite and must be comfortable at that weight.
  11. Gorgeous purse Lexie - and what a sweet cat, and such a lovely colour!

    I'm glad you have your black bag back. Is it in as good condition as the one you sold?
  12. Great Bag Lexie!! and yes the cat does not look amused!
  13. See, Lexie? There IS a black Sienna out there for everyone willing to hunt it down! Congratulations on your new addition!
  14. Slightly off topic...Lexie...I had a 22 year-old cat who lived a very healthy life until about a year before he went over the rainbow bridge....and he was always 6 1/2 pounds!
  15. Yep, appears to be brand new except for the tassles being unknotted. I got them fix already though. At least they weren't unbraided too because you can't get them to look right after that.