My Black Reissue: Is it distressed lamb or calfskin?

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  1. I just purchased a 227 Reissue in distressed leather GHW. I noticed the construction is softer all around (especially the side panels) than my other distressed reissues...which makes me think they sent me a distressed lamb instead of calf.

    When I spoke with an SA's assistant...she claims it's the way the color goes on the other reissues and the black reissues are always softer. Does anyone else notice this as well? But doesn't leather have to be dyed black too? I don't think the SAs can always tell whether it's lamb or calfskin either. Since you ladies are more knowledgeable, can anyone help with information off the tag? TIA!

    Reissue 227 w/GHW
    Style: OOV A37590Y04634
    Color Code: C3906 Black
  2. HTH:

    The Style number A37590 indicates size 227, the style number Y04634 is definitely indicating the it is DISTRESSED CALF LEATHER with GHW, it might be a slightly different fabrication of calf (i.e., striations ect..) but, it is definitely distressed calf leather. Lamb would have different code. It is Y01490. Sometimes the style and code number can vary slightly if you have different hardware with your leather selection.

    Your style numbers are simialr to mine. I have te 226. I also have the 227 in lamb leather and the style number is similar to the Y01490--but, I have ruthenium hardware and it is dark navy lamb leather. No worries.

    Although you typically see the color code 94305 the C3906 also indicates that is is black.
  3. ^^Sassygee, Thanks a mil for the detailed info!! :hugs: So my SA did send me the right one...I just noticed how significantly softer it was compared to my other reissues in calfskin.

    Maybe they really "distressed" and beat the leather to a pulp...which is why the calfskin is so soft? :shrugs: I like it's softness...but I'm worried about structure over my uh...other body parts...okay we won't go there...

    Is your calfksin reissue a recent purchase? I'm wondering if current black reissues are softer than it's predessors. Do you notice the reissues of a different color are stiffer in comparison? Actually this question is directed to everyone else too!

    As for the code, I looked at the box again and it's the code for black/burgundy.
  4. I'm interested in the patent reissue. I do not know whether it's lamb or calf. I was told both. One is a light silver but the other is a ruthenium antique looking chain. They are both medium sized patents, but are very very soft. Karl didn't put any cardboard structure on the bottom or the sides. I have the same concern. Will this bag be very floppy after using it a few times.