My black quilted Bay bag from LVR arrived...question???

  1. Is this "noir" supposed to be a pure black,or is it a very,very dark espresso? Mine looks more like the latter. I adore the bag...I'm completely in :heart::heart::heart::heart:,but I would rather have a true black. If Noir is indeed this colour I will keep it,but if there is a black-black then that's what I want!!! :crybaby:

    (the stitching isn't pure black,definitely.The lining is black. The bag looks black in certain lights but next to my black shoes it is not quite black.).


    The other bag contains a care card that says it's patent leather. If this bag is patent leather,I'm an exotic tropical bird. (I'm not). I will never sell this bag if I keep it...I don't sell does it matter?

    Oy oy...excellent service from lvr and supersonic shipping but they just can't cross the t's and dot the i's...
  2. ^ Any pics?
  3. i should add that on the chloe tag it says 100% veau pleine fleur.
  4. Oh...piccies I will definitely take and upload a bit later :p.
  5. I've seen the black quilted bay in real life...
    IS BLACK!!! It has brown stitching, so it looks a bit brownish colour... but when I compare that to my moka bay, is definitely BLACK!!!!
  6. Ok it does have brown stitching? I have taken some pics but I want to take a pic of it against my black Bay flats,and those are currently in the nursery because I left them there after rocking my baby to sleep!!

    I have is definitely darker than my chocolate brown Bay flats...but I have a suspicion that it's going to be lighter than my black.

    Oh well...then I'll have a really versatile colour...right?:wtf:

    lvr doesn't even sell the chocolate brown...just "noir" and "steam" I don't know how they could have messed up...
  7. surely if its nior it should say nior on the tag?
  8. It's probably black but a variation of that color called noir, Chloe is so famous for doing this I thought I read a seasoned vet describe this once on tPF.

  9. sorry if it wasn't clear from my post,i ordered the bag in noir and received a bag with noir on the tag. i am enquiring as to whether noir is a true black.

    susieserb,i remember something with the paddy noir not being quite black a couple of years ago. you may have a point.

    i would appreciate input from someone who owns a black quilted bay. i don't have time to upload pics right now but they are coming,ok?

    anyway i adore this bag...fantastic buy... just took it out and the first compliments are in already!
  10. Confirmed by SA at Chloe boutique Sloane Street (London)...noir is a not-quite-black. A very very dark espresso colour.
    Well it's a surprise,but it's a surprise I LOVE!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Even if there is a true black,I no longer want it. I'm in LOVE!!

    Tried it on with some clothes,and it goes with grey,black,tan,brown,uhm,that's most of my wardrobe...but it'll go with any colour at all!!

    It also goes with grey or brown shoes/boots,and with certain black ones.Obviously it goes with metallics.


    Happy ending after all :biggrin:.
  11. Pictures!! I don't know if any of the pics show a true colour;the sun is shining on my monitor right now. The detail shots show relevant bits.
    noirbayflash.jpg noirbayback.jpg noirbayside.jpg noirbaycorner.jpg noirbaydetail.jpg
  12. :woohoo: Very pretty!!! CONGRATS!!!

    I'm glad you like the colour~ :tup:
  13. thanks dollygirl; is this what you've seen in the past?
  14. :yes: This is exactly what I've seen.... I thought is moka at the first sight. If I cannot find a moka at that time, I'll definitely get the black one!
  15. SUPERB and all the better for being a more subtle colour I would say.