My Black Mj Stam!

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  1. I just received my MJ Stam from JemznJewels.
    It was $820 with shipping. There's some damage on the bag though.. :sad2:
    -part of one of the brass kisslocks is scraped on the top
    -rings are dirty and scratched
    -metal feet scratched as well
    -the dustbag seems fake.. the print feels very ironed on
    good deal or no? to keep or not keep? :worried:




  2. Was it sold to you as new or used?
  3. Condition of Merchandise

    Every single item offered by Jemznjewels has been cleaned and restored to the best possible condition unless noted otherwise. Every purse has been polished and refinished, every zipper has been repaired, every item of clothing has been dry cleaned. Nothing is sold in "repairable condition"-it has all been taken care of for you. We use only the finest leather repair artisans and the most skilled dry cleaners in New York. You do not have to fear that when your Pucci dress arrives you will need to replace the zipper or dry clean it before wearing it. Be assured, it will come to you ready to go! Please be mindful that vintage items are delicate and may not wear as heartily as a new item. Please be sensitive to this when making your purchase and when using the item. Damage to merchandise once it has been accepted by the buyer is not returnable.


    Brand new! This is the fabulous Marc Jacobs Stam bag! Made of black ice leather, that is textured and quilted. This bag has the best elements of design. Oversized bronze hardware, a zip pocket on the front of the bag and a terrific detachable chain shoulder strap. Inside the bag is lined in burgundy suede with an inside zip pocket. Never carried and it will come in its Marc Jacobs sleeper!

    so i guess new???:blink: :evil:
  4. i'm writing a complaint letter....:evil:
    could you give me some feedback on my letter? Thanks!

    Hi Rachel,
    I received the MJ Stam today. It was not new as listed on your website, but very used. There is a lot of damage to the bag. One of the kisslocks is partly scratched and scraped off on the top, both kisslocks are scratched, the brass rings are dirty and scratched, and the protective feet are scratched as well. I would greatly appreciate a partial refund or discount. Thank you for your time and concern.

    Jenny Kim
  5. You mention the scratches on the kisslock twice, otherwise looks good. You might also suggest a percentage for the refund or discount, 20%? 30%? as a negotiating tactic to let them know you're serious.
  6. what percentage do you suggest?

    yarr!! cursed my bad luck with used and damaged bags.. first eluxury, now jemznjewels... :cry:
  7. I have to say, the price is very good, even if the bag was gently used. That bag was $1200 retail.
  8. more like roughly used..
    the photo doesn't show the extent of the damage on the kisslock. it's the size of a bit less than half a dime.. it's a darker bronze color too! :sad2:
  9. she offered a $100 discount

  10. i would say judging from the pictures that a $100 off seems good.. then the price would be almost half off retail! but do what will make you happy with the bag
  11. Bummer. $720 s not bad for a $1200 bag, but will you be happy with the damage?
  12. I have that exact bag and I'll tell ya that it comes out of the shoot looking that way. :lol: I bought bags from Saks, NM, and BG and they all had flaws of some sort, mostly in the hardware. It was only the fourth or fifth bag that I got that I was satisfied with (long story, but I had "accidentally" placed several orders out of fear of them being cancelled, I went NUTS). The bags were not returns either, so they were shipped that way. All things considered, I think you got a good deal. It surely looks kinda sad in your pics though.
  13. I agree with Daisy - I am willing to believe that the bag came from the designer looking like that, they had quite a bit of trouble with the hardware on those bags. I sent one back to NM, completely new, that had a scratched kisslock from the fastening not closing properly.

    I would definitely take the $100 and be happy with it.
  14. There is a Taupe Stam at my local NM sitting on the shelf - obviously a return - but the hardware is chipped and scratched way worse than that, the frame is dinged on a few places, there's a gap where it doesn't close properly and it pops open still. It's marked at the original price of $1200 and they don't plan on offering a discount.

    Because of the problem with the kisslock on the originals, some of them came from the manufacturer looking like yours, so I agree with everyone above - for the price, yours is probably reasonable.
  15. monotreme i feel so guilty for bringing the bag to your attention i'm sorry it wasn't in perfect condition :sad2: