My black leather Coach cosmetic case was stolen yesterday!!

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  1. My mom borrowed my digital camera to take some photos of the tulip planters at the Stanford mall yesterday. To keep my camera nice and safe, I store it in a black leather Coach cosmetic case. Apparently, my mom got distracted while taking photos and someone snatched the cosmetic case out of her shopping bag. She was carrying the shopping bag in her hand. Unfortunately, she'd placed the cosmetic case near the top of the shopping bag's opening and the thief was able to just reach right in and snatch the cosmetic case. Thank goodness that the thief didn't get away with anything else but an empty cosmetic case. My parents filed a police report with mall security but it's doubtful that the cosmetic case will be found. Again, I'm just grateful that the thief didn't take my mom's purse or wallet and that she's O.K. Lesson learned, ladies please be aware of your surroundings at all times. Stay safe.
  2. Wow! People are so shameless. I'm glad that you and your mom were ok!
    How long did it take to realize that the case was MIA?
  3. That's horrible! The nerve of some people.
  4. How do these people sleep at night!! Glad that your mother is OK and safe, and that the whole bag wasn't stolen! Hope the mall security can ID the thief :flowers:
  5. Wow that ticks me off. My friend once got her Coach bag stolen, just the bag. It was at a bar and she put it down for a sec and it went missing. Later all the stuff IN the bag was found, even her wallet and money, only the bag was taken. Weird huh?
  6. that's awful! i'm so sorry this happened! Karma will come right back to that person and get them 10x worst!
  7. OMG, I'm so sorry... that is TERRIBLE!!

    As a seller, I frequently get questions from Ebayers who tell me their bags got stolen in the car, etc. After hearing some of the stories, I don't even leave mine in a locked car, at least in plain sight anymore. Some of these poor ladies had their windows broken just to get their bag. It's not even just Coach brand either! It's a sad world!!!
  8. I'm SO sorry to hear that... thats really too bad! I can't believe they were able to take it that fast... crazy! Well glad everything is ok... at least you can replace an empty case... Sorry again that it happened...
  9. Luckily, I wasn't with my parents when this happened. From what my mom told me, it seems that it took only a few minutes or so for the thief to steal the cosmetic case. She noticed that the cosmetic case was missing when she tried to store the camera after having taken a few photos of the tulips. She and my dad even retraced their steps in the hopes that maybe the thief had dropped the cosmetic case after realizing that it was empty but no such luck.

    My mom feels so bad about the whole incident and has offered several times already to replace the cosmetic case. I'm just glad that she was carrying her Coach shoulder/hobo bag yesterday as she normally wears her LV Nil bag. The Nil has two large zippered compartments and I'm always scolding my mom for not keeping the zippers fully closed when carrying the bag. I've also recommended that she carry the Nil with the zipper comparment side facing her body so that it's harder for someone to try to open the zippers.
  10. Sorry to hear that! Thats terrible!
  11. Wow literally right out of the bag in her hand?! Jeez what is with people?!!! Im so sorry she had to have this happen - Im sure she feels responsible. That just s*cks!
  12. ^I think the bag was on the ground while she was taking pictures.
  13. Geez do you live in Compton or what? Thats crazy that someone would have the gull to just snatch it out of her shopping bag :sad: What a bummer! Good thing they didn't steal more then that though.
  14. This was at the nice, upscale mall in Palo Alto - CA... Stanford shopping mall, which is located right next door to the Stanford University campus. It has a gorgeous outdoor setting and every few weeks or so they change their flower displays/planters. In the early Spring they've got the tulips showcased; very beautiful in all types of pastel and vibrant colors. Apparently, my mom was taking photos of the tulip displays near Neiman Marcus when the cosmetic case was stolen. The irony is that my BF and I were at the Stanford mall on Saturday and I'd mentioned to my mom that the tulip displays were set up and hence her decision to visit the mall yesterday to take some photos of the tulips.
  15. Im so sorry to hear that. Yes you have to watch your surroundings some people are soo bold. Im glad you and your mother are ol though.