My black Le Fab and Manhattan GM pics.@V@

  1. Just came back from Gym,sorry about too casual outfit now. Manhattan has been used for two days in a row so far.Love it.:yahoo:
    IMG_0875.JPG IMG_0876.JPG IMG_0877.JPG
  2. congrats!!!! beautiful i love the manhattan!!!
  3. :heart: the Le Fab!
  4. 2 of my FAVORITE bags! LOVE it! use the Le Fab lol!
  5. congrats!
  6. Both are GORGEOUS!!! Look great on you too!!!:love: CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:
  7. Congrats!
  8. Gorgeous, love em ! :yes:
  9. Gorgeous!
  10. It's TDF! Congrats!
  11. Both look gorgeous on you! :love: I love the manhattan!
  12. Both are beautfiul!!!:love:
    You know you have great bags when you can look good in gym clothes!Congrats!:yahoo:
  13. Manhattan is Awesome !!! I'm loving this bag.
    Congrat's on both, they look great on you.
  14. Love, love love love your bags--congrats.
  15. Two beautiful bags. Congratulations and wear them in good health!
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