My Black Gauffre Hobo!!!

  1. I love it... I'm a sucker for hobo bags, so I was glad to get the Gauffre bag in a hobo style :yahoo: The leather is just gorgeous. Thanks for letting me share :flowers:
    prada.jpg prada.2.jpg prada.3.jpg
  2. oooh you lucky girl. Gosh I thought I loved the bag in the brown best, now I am not so sure. It looks so good in black :smile:
  3. Thank you chloe-babe! I figured the Black would be my Fall bag ;)

    I would love a Brown one too though :upsidedown:
  4. :yahoo: Wow very pretty! Congrats!!!:smile:
  5. Very nice! I tried this one on at NM Newport Beach a few days ago...

    Gorgeous bag!
  6. Wow!!! Love It!
  7. It's pretty! Congrats!
  8. Oh my gosh!! I missed this thread! It's gorgeous, Pelinaka!! :love: Beautiful hobo, love it!! I do think this is my favorite Gauffre style so far. I had no idea it came in the hobo style (I'm a sucker for hobos!). Congratulations on adding yet another absolutely stunning bag to your already stunning collection!! :biggrin:
  9. I love it and its a great size!
  10. Thank you Goldensx! :shame: I had no idea it came in the hobo style either until my SA called me yesterday. And the size is perfect for me, it's big but not huge :graucho:
  11. Great bag! I saw this bag at Saks SF on Sunday and almost took her home. Seeing your gorgeous pics makes me wish I had splurged. Enjoy!
  12. beautiful, enjoy! :biggrin:
  13. Thank you valerieb and RoseMary! I can't wait to take her outside :love:
  14. beautiful
  15. wow. thats one hot bag. man... thats the first non-balenciaga I've liked in a loooong time.
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