** My Black Friday Find && POST YOUR BLACK FRIDAY HAUL HERE! **

  1. I hope you all had great Thanksgivings and got some great deals today!!! :smile:

    Went to Lord & Taylor and saw a few bags on sale...among them the Signature Stripe Shoulder Tote in Black... I thought it'd be around $250 since it retails for $328, but amazingly the SA said it was $160!!! We also had a 15% off coupon, so the total was about $140! :yahoo: I LOVE IT! I'm sharing it with my mom and it's the PERFECT size.

    I'll take and post pictures as soon as I can! For now, enjoy the drilldown pic!

  2. margaritaxmix, wow! $140! What a GREAT price! Congrats!

    The Signature Stripe Shoulder Tote is a gorgeous bag!
  3. Excellent price!!!!! That's a nice bag too!!!
  4. Awesome!!! I'm totally jealous! :p
  5. Wow! Hope I'm as lucky as you.
  6. Awesome! It makes a purchase so much more filing when you pay a lot less. That was a great sale! Too bad I fear the malls on Black Friday... *hides under her bed* :sad:
  7. You're right, it really does!!

    Aw, sorry to hear that! The mall really wasn't that crowded today, surprisingly. At least not on my end. :shrugs:
  8. beautiful, classic bag...and a great deal!!! WOW!!!
  9. Good deal! At least it was worth the trip for you to get up early!
  10. It's lovely!!
  11. Congrats! You got a great bag at an amazing price.
  12. Nice work!!!
    We drove out to the coast to our outlet, thought it was opening at 8 and lined up outside at 6:30ish behind FIFTEEN PEOPLE!!! Nowhere near the madhouse I am sure it was at midnight for other outlet stores I've been hearing about.
    They actually opened the doors for us at 7 and I restrained myself quite well given that there was nothing that blew my skirt up...
    I did score a gold lurex framed wristlet with the kisslock closure for 49 bucks! My other score was a khaki/gold signature ipod shuffle case marked down from 48 to 9 dollars :smile:

    Nothing else was mucho impressivo (spanglish, anyone?) so we walked around a bit and then drove home :smile:

    I will post pics later on!
  13. Wow such a great deal!! I can't believe you got that for 140.00!!
  14. Congrats!! You're so lucky on scoring such a great deal!
  15. You are so lucky. I love finding deals like that. :smile: